Matcha tea flavour

I used to drink a fair bit of green tea and quite liked it, so seeing a matcha tea flavour piqued my interest.

Little sad that it’s more expensive than the other flavours (@Julian is there an extract in this that lends huel the benefits of matcha tea ‘proper’ by any chance?)

Anyway, it’s reeeeally nice. Adds a really unique dimension to Huel and makes me glad that flavours are separate with Huel - I’m going to love this occasionally, but not constantly.

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@Tristan - yes there it’s made using real matcha tea, which is the reason for the higher price. We make the same margin on matcha tea as we do with the other flavours.

I really like it too, probably my favourite flavour pouch which is surprising as I don’t normally drink any tea.

So for me, it’s coffee and ice, with matcha tea and ice a v close second.

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Makes sense. Maybe make a bigger deal of that on the flavour page and why it’s such a good thing. I bought it on a whim knowing I like the matcha tea flavour, but it would have been a much easier buy for me if I’d known it was a proper tea extract :slight_smile: (unless I missed it)

Another question on the matcha front: can you say anything about the “matcha extract” you’re using? e.g.

  • Does it contain caffeine?
  • If so, how much per gram?
  • Did you experiment with using matcha directly — does it not work if cold brewed, or something like that?

Are you using vanilla or unsweetened?
Would like to try but not sure how it would be with vanilla.

Vanilla so far, will probably try with U/U tomorrow (will double check but I think the recommendation is to double flavouring amounts with U/U). I like it. Quite a smooth and clean flavour to it.

Any idea re: caffeine @Julian? May have been looking in the wrong place, but I couldn’t find anything in the ingredients…

Yes green tea does naturally contain caffeine.

Hah, yes I know green tea contains caffeine :slight_smile:

What I was trying to ask is whether the process you use to extract the matcha flavour preserves caffeine content? How would Huel made with 2g of matcha flavour system compare to, say, a cup of coffee (where 100mg caffeine is fairly typical)?

I’m sorry I don’t have that info. It would need a lab test. Do you think that would be valuable info? As a natural product it will vary.

Hi Julian,

I’d be really curious to know, but perhaps not so much that I’d pay to test it. If you were just literally putting matcha in, then I’d be happy with something approximate like “it’s 50% matcha so we’d expect around 50% of the caffeine you’d expect in the same weight of matcha”, but since the ingredients describe it as an “extract” it doesn’t seem as if the answer’s so clear cut.

I guess one sales-y angle on it would be that customers might well be interested in a flavour system that definitely contains caffeine (even if subject to natural variation): an even faster/more-complete start to the day, as it were.

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I will try and get the info for you.


Er of course the same question could be applied to the mocha, but there you do warn it contains “some” caffeine :slight_smile:

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The caffeine content would be very low.

It’s certainly not high enough to notice when I’m drinking it.

I don’t see the point in testing personally, it’s not an issue like minuscule meat content in a vegan product would be.

We have been informed that the caffeine level in Matcha Tea Flavour System is between 1.5-1.8%. (We will need to perform lab tests to confirm these numbers)

So per 2g serving size (the recommended amount to add to 100g vanilla)
1.5% = 30mg
1.8% = 36mg

So per 4g serving size (the recommended amount to add to 100g on Unlfavoured and Unsweetened)
1.5% = 60mg
1.8% = 72mg

Compared to coffee
The amount varies between different coffee drinks, and can range from almost zero to over 500 mg.

For example a small cup of coffee (8 oz, 240ml) contains about 70–140 mg of caffeine, or about 95 mg on average

A short at starbucks is 8 fl oz (240ml)
Tall is 12 fl oz (350ml)
Grande is 16 fl oz (470ml)
Venti is 20 fl oz (590ml)

Just for comparison Starbucks Coffee, Blonde Roast venti, 20 oz. 475mg of cafffine


That’s interesting…I would have thought it to be less than that. That is similar to matcha tea itself per gram. I assumed with all the other ingredients it would be far lower. No wonder it is more expensive than your other flavour systems…it is higher in matcha than I expected.

According to this:

There is 70mg in 2g of matcha tea. 2g of our matcha contains approx 30mg of caffeine.


Thanks very much — that’s a really helpful and informative response!

For further comparison that makes 2g-with-vanilla about equivalent to half a single espresso, and 4g-with-U/U about equivalent to a whole single espresso.

Won’t let the Mormon friend have any so, but might still accompany it with an espresso myself from time to time :slight_smile:

I have been asking myself the exact same question.

Additionally, how much caffeine does the mocha flavour contain?

Thank you!