Matcha tea powder

Anyone thought of adding Matcha to thier Huel? Might help ignite the metabolism. Any thoughts??

I really like it. I’ve ran out now though so switched to the Huel matcha flavouring which is very similar and cheaper per gram than Mighty Matcha.

I did notice some of the health benefits of matcha so will go back once I’m finished with the favouring pouch.

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I use it. I haven’t yet invested in the flavour pouches but I use PureCimp matcha.

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Yep; the Huel matcha is pretty good value: elsewhere they’ve given caffeine stats which suggest it’s maybe around 50% matcha (with sweetener etc. making up the rest). The sweetener does make U/U+Huel matcha a lot more palatable than U/U+real matcha. I’ve recently been using real matcha and a ⅓ vanilla, ⅔ U/U Huel mix; it’s bland, but pleasant enough.

Re: matcha itself, people make a lot of noise about ceremonial vs culinary matcha, the former being far more expensive. I’ve yet to sit down and try to compare the two; have a vague suspicion my palate won’t be refined enough to tell the difference. I’ve found Super Foodies’ matcha, at around £25/250g, to be easy to find in shops and pretty good value. £10/100g is common enough in the UK; posh stuff can be five times more expensive, and there are people on eBay who sell direct from China for five times less…

It may be good for you, but it tastes like finely sanded balsa wood.


Now that is funny!! :smile: