Mint Chocolate mixed with....?

Hi everyone,
I am just going through my first batch of Mint Chocolate and was wondering if you have any recipes to use on the Mint Chocolate? It is getting a bit boring. The original Huel is a wee bit more versatile to change the taste slightly, so my next delivery will just be the Original.
Until then, I would be really grateful if you have some ideas how to make the Mint Chocolate more exciting. :slight_smile:
Kind regards,

I usually have it half and half with U/U and then bung in some dried coconut and wazz up in a blender, or add cocoa. Haven’t found anything else I like it with other than when I blended it with some vanilla ice cream to make a McFlurry type ice cream.

With real life mint I’d add it to lemonade, salads, rose water cordial but none of that goes with the chocolate side.

Not much idea wise I know but it’s got a nice taste to me as it is and I don’t go too wild with additions.


I have added coffee for a mint-choc mocha, chocolate pre-mixed huel for a more chocolatey mint-choc, or cacao powder for similar reasons. I find it a bit too minty otherwise


Mint Chocolate + Water → Freeze. Eat as a lollipop, reminisce about how great the summer was as a kid. Make plans for the summer whilst enjoying Mint-Chocolate Huel ice pop.


I have added 2 tsps of coffee and about 4 ice cubes. I also tried a bannana but was not keen on the taste.

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