Third week... Is Mint Choc better?

So this is the third week in having Huel for breakfast and i’ve not had any issues with having it either (lucky me!?). I used to get into work and eat a bagel for breakfast whereas now Huel is giving far more nutritional values and keeping me fuller for longer.

Vanilla is by far my favourite over the chocolate, i’ve ordered the Mint Chocolate and Vanilla for the next delivery - is this better than the normal chocolate as I find this a struggle to go down!?

I normally use 3 scoops with 500ml of water is this about right for breakfast? I don’t eat much throughout the day and haven’t hit my calorie count in a very long time so hoping Huel can help sort this out too!

Shall keep you updated…

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I’m using Vanilla and Mint Chocolate this month but I don’t like the Mint Choc for breakfast. I prefer the Vanilla because I can switch it up by adding coffee :coffee: or bananas :banana: (or both!) to it.

I’ve not had Vanilla for a few months now I went off it I’ve been getting Mint Chocolate and Chocolate bags. But my latest order which I haven’t opened yet is Berry and Chocolate not had Berry before but giving it ago even though many don’t like it. Who knows I might like it where all different, Chocolate is my favourite at the moment though.

The chocolate is greatly improved by adding some plant milk (Oat is my favourite, but any milk will help), and some cacao powder or even cocoa if you don’t have cacao.

The mint choc is very different - very minty and refreshing. I’d say it’s the nicest of all the premix flavours.

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Hey Matthew, awesome to have you here. Thanks for joining the Hueligan community! Sounds like you’re off to a great start and upgrading from a bagel to Huel is :ok_hand:

I love the mint-chocolate, let us know what you think of it! Tastes like the classic ice cream flavour. 3 scoops and 500ml sounds great. You can tweak the water if it’s too thick/thin for you. 3 scoops is just under 500kcal and is a good amount of breakfast I would say. Again, if you find it too much or too little, just tweak it! I have 400kcal for breakfast and then a larger lunch split into 2 x 400kcal meals.

Mint choc is very good. A bit too minty to some tastes but I like it as a change from my usual vanilla or coffee

The mint choc premix is indeed very minty. Mixing the chocolate, mint choc, vanilla and adding some cacao powder makes it quite tasty.

I’m not a huge fan of the chocolate either. I highly recommend experimenting with mixing the different flavours.

I prefer to add Huel mint-choc flavour boost to vanilla, UU or Original as I only really fancy mint-choc now and again. I struggled to get through a bag of premix.

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I prefer mint chocolate, by far

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Mint choc is everything lol.
I use the vanilla with the flavour boost not tried the ready mix yet.

But basically it’s like drinking a liquid mint Aero.

Sings (Yummy yummy yummy I’ve got huel in my tummy) lol

I find the mint chocolate premix doesn’t give as strong a flavor as the flavor boost.

I find the best is to add mint extract to the chocolate premix.

I’ve just tried my first mint choc shake - it’s nice, but too sweet! I used two scoops in 500ml of water, chilled overnight. I might try adding cocoa powder to it and perhaps mixing it with unflavoured and unsweetened.

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Mint chocolate is by far my fave from Huel, its spot on perfect. Think I’ll be having only this flavour soon, just got the original vanilla to try.

I can not praise this mint choc shake enough! As a big milkshake lover this is possibly the nicest shake I’ve ever had.