Mint-Chocolate Preblend!


If you haven’t already seen, we have just released a brand new addition to the preblended Huel range - our Mint-Chocolate Huel Powder!

This is in addition to the Mint-Chocolate Flavour Boost we launched back earlier this year. It was so popular with you that we though we needed to take it further!

Feedback so far includes (I promise it’s not all from me!):

“best one yet. Hits the bloody spot so damn hard. I’m in heaven.”
"Very much enjoyed the new blend - almost like crumbling a chocolate mint aero into vanilla Huel"
“It’s super yummy”

…ok that last one was from me, BUT you will love it! Here’s a picture below to articulate the flavours if you weren’t sure!

Question - how Sweet is the new Mint Chocolate flavour

I’m ordering this tomorrow
It best be as good as the fs or else… :flushed:


I have added a bag to my next order, even though I was not too sure about the flavour boost sample. As you say, better be good! :laughing:


My next order is coming up soon and going to give some a try, sounds yummy :hugs: new Strawberry one next???


Just ordered ! Can’t wait. The mint choc fs is the best. I’m hoping the premixed is just as good…


God I love Huel! I ordered like 5 minutes ago and my order’s been shipped already!
I’m trying the new mint choc premix, and the new choc orange bars.
How about a chocolate orange flavour boost?? I reckon that would be delish


Can you give an idea of the strength of this premix? Eg it’s like 1/2 tsp of fs in 3 scoops of vanilla huel… I like my flavours quite strong.


I find some of the flavour boosts need more like 1 tsp than the 1/2 some people state, so I’d be interested to know how strong the preblended is. I find the berry one a little bit low on flavour.


It’s quite weak. If I used a heaped teaspoon of FS in 200g it’s be what I consider strong, let’s say 10/10. Pre-blend 200g is maybe 7/10?


Worth trying or not?


I’d give it a solid 9/10 for my taste, really liked it. Favourite flavour yet, saves faffing with powder.


Ok will leave it in my subs order then.


@GTIPuG is this the Mint Choc? It only went on the website today didn’t it?


Sign me up for some of this minty goodness! :yum:


Me too. I already add frozen berries to the Berry preblend, and a small tsp of coffee to the coffee preblend. I would rather continue to mix my own mint chocolate form the fs sachet than buy the preblend only to find it’s not strong enough either.


I get mine today. I’ll let you know what I think. I’m worried it will be too sweet.
Currently I do 50/50 original/unflavoured with a full tsp mint choc fs.

I’m hoping I’m not going to have to add a bag of unflavoured to take the sickly sweetness out, and then a whole packet of fs to put the flavour back in!!
It’s worth a try though. If it’s really nice, it’s saves me £7.50 on buying the mint choc fs every month!


Just changed my Vanilla order to Mint Choc for next month. :wink::yum:


Thanks, I appreciate that, look forward to hearing what you think. :slight_smile:


Nice picture Tim it made me hungry for a Huel


I’ve received mine. Only had a couple of impatient sips (as obviously I prefer to refrigerate it, so will have it later today. Initial thought is its very good, it is minty and it is chocolatey, so does what it says on the bag.

In comparison, I have been used to drinking 50/50 vanilla huel (original) and unflavoured with some myprotein choc syrup and Morrison’s peppermint essence. This new blend is not as potent as that mixture by a long shot. When using my own concoction I didn’t really measure it I just upended a bottle of the essence into the syrup and shook well and then squirt in when required o not even an accurate amount each time. That is more minty.

This is a more subtle taste, I think overall people will like it.