Mint choc huel bars


I think everything needs to be mint choc, mint choc is life also mint choc mint choc mint choc mint choc.

In summary mint choc huel bars it needs to be a thing.

I have already suggested it on the Facebook page and requested people start subliminally mentioning it around Julian and James but I thought I would also post it here so other people can demand mint choc huel bars :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


I sit next to Julian, will be sure to mention it regularly. I got your back.


Yay go team mint choc :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Choc orange fs also needs to be a thing


Yes I would buy choc orange fs :yum:


You mean, like the ones here


Nah I mean Flavour System, to mix with the powder :slight_smile:
I’ve just bought the choc orange bars for the first time.
It’s taking will-power to not munch one straight away. But I’ve just mixed up a mint-choc premix and stuck it in the fridge to chill…


Ooooo Black Forest chocolate as well flavour system please!
I just had a black forest hot chocolate at Costa and is was delish :yum:


Waiting for your verdict on the mint choc :yum:


A salted caramel flavour would be nice also. I tend to crave this flavour for some reason.


I wonder what it would be like to put a pinch of Himalayan pink salt in the caramel flavour boost…


Why Himalayan pink salt?


It has a nice flavour :slight_smile:
It probably doesn’t matter which salt really but good quality salted caramel usually uses rock salt or Himalayan pink salt as opposed to sea salt.
Although sea salt has a stronger flavour if you like that.
Don’t use ordinary table salt though - that stuffs full of fillers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just curious. I tend not to add salt to anything as a rule.


Right, to get back on topic…!
The Mint Choc Premix
Mmmmmm It Is Lovely !

It’s actually the only bagged powder that I would drink ‘as is’ and not need to mess around with.
I have tried Original, Vanilla, Berry and Unflavoured and none of them are to my taste straight out of the bag.
My favourite ‘home-blend’ has been 1/3 Original 1/3 Vanilla 1/3 Unflavoured and 1 tsp mint choc flavour system.

The pre-mixed mint choc powder is great, as it is, straight out the bag.

I mixed it exactly as I was told to on the packet: 3 scoops to 400ml water, blend, then add another 200ml water. I refridgerated it for a couple of hours.
Very nice indeed.

I would say the flavour isn’t quite as strong as I’m used to (I tend to use more than the ‘recommended amount’ of the flavour boost). And would like the mint choc flavour to be a bit more intense. I might possibly tip the remainder of my flavour booster bag into the Pre-mix (maybe).
But, it isnt too sweet, as I feared. And it really is good just as it is.

If anyone would like me to do a taste test for them, I am happy to oblige and compare the pre-mix to their usual mint choc recipe! i.e tell me what flavour powder you use, how many scoops (or grams), how much water you add, and how much mint choc flavour you add. And whether you refridgerate or not. I will compare side by side with the pre-mix mint, and let you know if the pre-mix is sweeter, less flavour, more flavour etc etc

Or just grab yourself a bag and try it. I think its YUM


That sounds really tasty!


Mine should be arriving on Friday :yum:


@James can you keep up with the lingo please? So uncool!


I though FS stood for something else. But as I gave given up swearing you will have to guess


@Lpjfitz I’ve just tried adding a pinch of himalayan pink salt to the caramel boost - its really good. Rock salt or sea salt would work just as well. I also then added half tsp of cacao powder and that is amazing: chocolate salted caramel - couldn’t get any better than that really :laughing: