New mint choc flavour boost

Has anyone tried the new mint-choc flavour boost in unflavoured huel yet?
There’s quite a lot of chat on the other new booster flavours but I can’t find much mention of this one.

The old mint-choc boost in unflavoured was my favourite.
The mint premix is ok but I didn’t like the sucralose much and it wasn’t chocolate enough for me.

I want to try the new mint choc flavour boost but I’m interested to hear other people’s verdict on it - is it sweet enough in UU?
People are saying the new boosts aren’t sweet enough in UU. I like stevia sweetener but not sucralose sweetener, hence preferring the UU plus boosts rather than the premixes.
Is it more chocolatey than the premix?

How does it compare to the old mint choc boost?

In particular I want to hear what people think of it in UU.

Thank you :blush: :pray:t2:

I tried a sip and then immediately added some old chocolate flavour boost to it, 1:1. It is really not very sweet with UU.
Can’t compare it, as I never tried the premix and only a sample of the old flavour boost.

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I have literally just signed in to post about this. Really disappointed with the new Mint Choc Flavour boost, the old one was so much more flavourful. I really feel like Huel are cutting corners here. I compared the new flavour boost with the old one and the colour of the new one is significantly lighter brown. I’ve been doing half UU, half Vanilla plus the Mint Choc flavour boost, which used to be delicious, the new one is bland. Please revert to the old recipe, even if it means increasing the price slightly. Also, I’m in the UK


I feel the same.
Old mint-choc and old mocha were awesome.
The new ones are a bit rubbish.

I’m also missing matcha, cacao, caramel and pineapple coconut :frowning: :sob:

Out of the new ones, the apple cinnamon and the pumpkin spice are really great. None of the others are as good as the old ones in my opinion.

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Have you already done some experiments like changing the ratio of vanilla to UU, increasing the amount of flavour boost, adding chocolate fb?

I like the new mint choc flavour boost. Tastes more chocolatey to me. All the new fbs need extra sugar/sweetener if mixing with UU, imo. I am tending to use mine in Original premix which works out great. All in all I’m pretty impressed with the new flavours, as I am with the bars.

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I made a mint-choc one using the new flavour boost last night. I used 80g UU and 25g Original. I’m going to have it for brunch.

Same as @Bee I’m very impressed with the new bars. Also impressed with the new New flavours, but I’m not as impressed with the new old flavours! I think the supposedly improved ones aren’t as good as the old ones. Probably because I liked the stevia sweetness and that’s mostly gone…

I’ll let you know my verdict on the mint-choc (second attempt - this time using some original to give a bit of sweetness).


The new mint-choc fb is okay, but not as nice as the old flavour boost… the chocolate tastes less like chocolate and has the same strange flavour as the chocolate premix. And the mint is more subtle.
I’m a bit disappointed… the old mint-choc fb in UU was my second favourite combination after cacao. It had a real punch to it. Like an after-eight thick shake.
This new one is bland and not chocolatey and doesn’t have enough sweetness either.

I wish I’d stocked up on the old one :slightly_frowning_face:


Maybe they’ll put the old flavour boosts on the outlet page? Unless they only produced them to order they might have some stock left. Also I agree about the new old flavours. Might have been better to leave one of those than the rather redundant peanut butter fb in my opinion.


They very probably do have some stock left, because a few days ago they accidentally sent me a sampler pack of the old flavour boosts instead of the new ones (sorted out within 24 hrs :slight_smile: )

If they’ve still got some old samplers, they’ve probably got at least a few sachets of the old boosts lying around.

Julian is sleeping on a massive pile of them like an entrepreneurial Smaug.


I just made a mint-choc using all UU and the old flavour boost. It was amazing. It smelt completely different to the new one. Really chocolatey really minty, really refreshing, really luxurious. Perfect amount of sweetness.
It really is delicious. I don’t understand why it’s been changed. Same goes for the mocha.
Why change something that is spot on perfect?

I really hope they put the old flavour boosts in the outlet shop :crossed_fingers:


The old mint-choc add-in was my favourite as well.
But I don’t really get the right to complain that it’s gone, because I never bought any, I just kept stealing it from my neighbour friend…

I would’ve bought some though. When she ran out :laughing:
But I’m not buying this new one, it’s not good at all :confounded:

Was the old one not popular? I hate it when companies change a favourite recipe. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!

Wait are you actually a monkey?

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Maybe we all just don’t like change :laughing:
Maybe if they changed it back we would all get defensive about the new one because our taste buds would be used to it by now…

I’m just comparing the two side by side (yep - two mint chocs for breakfast!). They are very different. The new one is ‘lighter’, more subtle. The old one is intense and more chocolatey and bitter. I’m actually finding the new one is easier to drink…
Maybe I’m a convert
I’m not sure yet

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I haven’t tried the Flavour Boost yet, but I did taste the premix. Wow this is the worst taste I had ever tasted. It is WAY too minty. It’s like swallowing pure toothpaste, peppermints, and Mentos in one. I don’t like it, wasted a bag. Please try Flavour Boost before you order a bag…

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I am definitely not converted. I’m now drinking my morning Huel as a chore for its health benefits, when previously I was actually really enjoying it. Making the flavour boosts more ‘in-line’ with the premix is a stupid idea in my opinion (sorry to whoever thought of it). If I wanted the premix flavour, I’d buy the premix. I was actually so impressed by how powerful the old mint choc flavour boost was, the new stuff is so much blander and no different to when I was trying to flavour the huel myself with the other products from the shops.