Choc mint with the new vanilla

Ohhhhh it tastes amazing!!


Yup, really enjoying mine. Interested to try it with the unflavoured, unsweetened. as it’s very sweet with vanilla.


I’ve only got the new vanilla in at the moment, let me know what it’s like with the others :grin:

Nice, different.

So with vanilla,it’s more like mint choc chip ice cream. The choc part is nice, the mint a little artificial, but it’s very sweet! Even my teen daughter who is the chocolate queen, says it’s too sweet.

With the UU (<- omg I’m into huel acronyms now) it’s much more subtle, and I think more like an aero bar taste, so more like a darker choc mint.


Good to know, thank you!

They should have you write the descriptions for the website that last line really got me hooked :wink:


Right?! Jono bought some mint choc chip ice cream for some photo shots, whether we use them or not there is a tub of ice cream in the freezer aching to be blended with Huel and mint choc boost. I might save it for summer, serve it up in a big metal tin like in the diners, then put Chuck Berry on the jukebox…


Double up mint choc…I think my teeth are aching at the double sweet thoughts!