Mint Chocolate Chip

Oh boy, is it dangerously good or what!?!


Yep, I totally agree. I know Huel are saying it’s limited edition but I hope it ends up being a permanent addition to the range. :blush:


It’s strange because my wife lives in the USA and she can get it as a permanent flavour. I’m wondering since it’s had such good feedback over there they’re trialling it here…

Anyway, bought two packets. Will be running out of this stuff VERY quickly, please make a permanent addition to the flavour boosts…I don’t think I would know what to do with myself if I had to say goodbye to this one…

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Thanks for the feedback guys! Will pass it on to the team :blush:


Ooooooo I’ve just ordered some, cant wait!

This is by far my favourite flavour! Mint choc chip ice-cream is one of my favourite foods… please make this a permanent flavour! Dont make me but enough to last the next 50 years! :grin:


feedback with and without vanilla please :slight_smile:

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I ordered some yesterday and it just arrived! Smells amazing!

Bit of a late reply, but we’ve been having it with a ⅓ vanilla, ⅔ U/U blend (find pure vanilla too sweet and pure U/U too boring). I agree with other posters: probably my favourite official flavour. I really hope that the fact that it’s still available means that it’s now permanent!

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I’ll try it with both new vanilla and original vanilla tomorrow and give feedback

Where do you find this? I see no such thing on

Just to get onto the same page, we are just talking about the flavour booster right?

We are indeed, it’s this one

I’m in love with the mint chocolate flavour. The other chocolate ones tastes sickening, but with the mint being the strong flavour in this it is perfect.

It really reminds me of the Moroccan mint hot chocolate that work served on the run up to christmas before they cancelled it and crushed my hopes and dreams. Thanks Huel!

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This also not on @Tim_Huel they’re being lazy lol

Thanks for raising, it is actually there, but is currently displaying as a different product (se. and eu. sites) It’s a known issue we are sorting. Sorry for that, but don’t worry you can buy it!

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Thank you sir!

I love mint choc flavour in ice cream, chocolate and hot chocolate so I have ordered a packet with my first order of the original Huel.

I’ve just started on my first ever Huel shake! I’ve got the original (vanilla) with mint choc.

I used 500ml of water, one scoop of huel and accidentally put too much mint choc in! Probably a teaspoon rather than half a teaspoon I meant to add.

It smells divine!

Looks like dirty dishwater! I think I will add more huel next time as it’s a bit watery.

The taste is nice but a bit too much mint choc which was my fault.

I did a lot of shaking and there are lumps so perhaps will use a fork or a blender for my next one.

I’m not going to chug it down but sip it/drink it over the next 20 minutes/half hour.

So far so good!

One scoop and 500ml will be very watery. Normally people have around 3scoops with that volume of liquid.