New User Experience - 1 Week

Hi all. So I’m into my second week of using Huel shakes (breakfast and evening meal replacement) with a normal typical lunch. I love the banana flavour, vanilla is okay and chocolate is a bit too intense for me. Overall, my energy levels are considerably up. I’m not having any of the unfortunate side effects which often get reported on here either which is a bonus. All in all… i’m in. It’s been really good. Now on subscription and purchased a nice blender to make Vanilla more interesting. Anyone tried the mint choc and coffee flavours?

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Just tried the mint choc for the first time yesterday and I thought it was good. Very similar in taste to a mint aero or mint choc chip ice cream. I’ll probably add a bit of cocoa powder to boost the chocolate flavour but overall it was very good.
Coffee I was a bit disappointed in. I drink my coffee black so I found the coffee taste underwhelming and not strong enough for me. I prefer adding instant coffee powder to vanilla powder.

Coffee is a bit on the subtle side as stated above, but when you’re drinking it multiple times a day I think that’s a good thing. Mint choc is quite minty but very tasty imo

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I’m not really into mint choc, it’s too minty and sweet for me. I haven’t tried coffee.

I agree with others - coffee ok but I prefer adding instant coffee to vanilla. I couldn’t deal with mint choc - it is more mint than choc and I found it weird.

I love the mint-choc. It’s especially nice ice cold - more refreshing than any of the others.
I personally often add a tsp of cacao to reduce the sweetness and make it really chocolatey.