Mint Chocolate Chip

I normally go two scoops for 500ml. So proportionately 250ml for one?
3 scoops, I’ll fill it to the brim.

TWO scoops and 300ml for me :+1:

3 scoops with 400ml till recently, but finding that a bit too thick right now and so more like 450 -500

I always chill mine overnight, so it gets thicker. I guess if I made it to drink immediately, I’d go less water.

I imagine 2 scoops at 300ml is like concrete when chilled…

I don’t chill mine … 300ml cold water, 2 scoops shake and consume .
All done in under a minute !!!

You would think at that speed you would have time to put your underpants on before leaving the house.

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Hunzas …You shouldn’t have been watching !!
You know your restraining order still stands

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I was just looking at your profile pic. :stuck_out_tongue:


2 scoops with 400ml water is perfect for me. Sometimes goes in fridge, sometimes drunk immediately. Love it either way.
Have tried 1 scoop each new vanilla and unsweetened with mint choc sample sachet and it was ok but think maybe could taste better with all vanilla. I’m trying all the sample flavours first though before I commit to buying a whole bag.

Votes please!
Does the Chocolate Mint Flavour Booster taste best in:

  • In New Vanilla
  • In Original Vanilla
  • In Unflavoured
  • Just as good in all of them

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Just don’t try it with Berry Huel, that was a terrible experience…

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In my opinion Berry flavour really couldn’t get any worse than it already is!

I think berry is ok, a little weak on flavor however I have used it pretty often so gotten a bit tired of it. I prefer coffee huel with toffee flavdrops from my protein Runnerup being new vanilla with mint choc boost :+1:t3:

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i like it best in 50/50 original and unflavoured

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