Question - how Sweet is the new Mint Chocolate flavour


been using Huel since it was a babe in arms but always struggled with the sweetened version and the sweetened flavour sample pack (from about two years ago). I was wondering, given my aversion to the sweetened versions of Huel in the past (last one I tried was 1.3 I think), is it worth trying out the Mint Choc flavour. I’ve backed my consumption right down over the last year as I’m just bored

Also on the 8/16 way of eating which means I only have eight hours in the day to eat which meant cramming a lot of Huel in over a relatively short period. I can highly recommend this plan of eating by the way. Did it cos of fears of diabetes and sugar levels which it’s sorted out completely.

Thanks in advance

Discussion about it here

Thanks, sounds like worth a try - do you like it?

I wasn’t too sure at first. Improved after chilling though. Now I quite like it :yum: