k guise. We’ve waited long enough! We need chocolate pre-blended Huel nowwww. :disappointed:


And chocolate orange, and pb and chocolate. Having said that tho, I find the prebends a little too subtle for my taste. I’m very excited to see what new product innovations are headed this way tho :smile:

Oooo nice idea! Chocolate is a tricky one, I’ve tried lots of chocolate flavoured things and they all seem to taste different. If we did it what sort of chocolate taste would you want?

The chocolate flavour sachet is blimmin’ gorgeous!

But then again I could just get a big bag of that.

Actually I think I will. Please excuse me…

I like chocolate Frijj milkshakes, can you make a chocolate Huel to taste like it :yum::yum::yum:

I think this would be the holy grail.

@Tim_Huel My S/O is lactose intolerant, made me try some “Oatly chocolate milk” a few weeks ago. It was alright. Not as good as Frijj as Ian says here, but I appreciate that’s never going to be achievable.

Try some Oatly and see if you guys can nail somewhere between that and Frijj. Otherwise, just dump a tonne of chocolate flavour pouch into raw Huel and mix, then bag :smiley:

I love oatly chocolate, I want this in Huel!

Hello, I got the flavour boost sample pack thing when I started this.
So far I have tried the toffee and then when that was gone I tried the caramel.
This week I have been using the mint choc and we definitely have a winner.
It is so yummy and remind me if anything of mint errors so it’s very reminiscent of having a mint aero Shake.

My partner had a taste and says it reminds him of those Weetabix drinks inconsistency so he said it’s like a Weetabix mint flavour aero drink :slight_smile: lol.

You could pick up one of those flavour packs and definitely try the mint choc scrumdiddlyumptious :slight_smile: x x

Most chocolate flavoured meal replacements have been underwhealming. Protein shakes have that flavour nailed down a lot better.

I hope Huel can surprise us here.

I’d like to think we’re quite surprising generally!

That’s why I have hope.

Chocolate Oatly and Huel sounds yum! I used to make porridge with chocolate oatly and it’s like eating pudding for breakfast. :star_struck:

Chocolate Huel!!!

When when when when? We know this is coming :slight_smile:
A coco Nutella one please… or near enough :wink: