Have your say in our next bar flavour addition!

Hello Huel Forum!

I’m Ella and am on the NPD team! I’m looking for your opinions - if Huel were to release another flavour of bar (we currently just have cocoa), then which one of these would you most like to see?

Please vote below:

  • Coconut & Vanilla
  • Mixed Berry
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Coffee

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We really value what you think and although we can’t guarantee these flavours will be created, it’s likely your opinions will be key to further development.

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I think an Orange tang would complement the bar pretty well, as would mint and coffee to a lesser degree IMO

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Choc mint would be nice, but choc peanut butter would be amazing… nut butters are delicious!


I voted chocolate orange, but chocolate mint would have been a close second.

Everyone wants healthy Jaffa cakes.


I’d like to see banana and vanilla, like a banana float

Chocolate orange would be a delight, but you’ll have to beat the choc orange Nakd bar and that’s going to be hard.

I’d love a berry similar to the granola or the coconut vanilla

I voted coconut and vanilla as there is already a chocolate based flavour for the bar.


All of them please. Or salted caramel.

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I haven’t voted because I wouldn’t want any. I’m slowly getting used to the new Huel bars which seem like an assault on the senses compared to the old ones.

I use vanilla Huel powder and have just ordered some granola. One of the plus points of Huel for me, is that it is quite bland - I don’t like strong flavours or indeed much variety at all when it comes to food. I would certainly be put off by flavoured bars. But that’s just me.

Me too…lovely

Although i wasn’t calling you lovely, sweetie.


That’s interesting…and I would prefcer that. Alas I quite like strong flavours and aromas in food…things like freshly brewed coffee, baking bread and the spices in for example the turmeric, lemongrass, garlic, chilli and onion tofu broth i made last night…I am always experimenting with Huel flavours. That said I am someone who can quite happily eat the same thing every day for a week…

Orange - but whatever you choose has to make the bar less dry!

Salted caramel !
Peanut Butter !!!


Oh, salted caramel could be a winner here.



Peanut butter anything, maybe w/chocolate if you’re thinking of any extra ideas.


Great feedback team and thanks for all the additional suggestions. I now can’t get the idea of Salted Caramel out of my head and am pestering Ella daily. Together we can do this!


salted caramel flavour boost also please.

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