Which flavour Bars would you most like to see in the range?

Hey guys! We have been busy developing new flavours for you but we would love to know your thoughts on what flavours of Huel Bar you would like to see in the range in the future! We love to hear your thoughts and take your opinions into consideration when developing new products.

  • Salted Caramel
  • Vanilla Coconut
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Mocha
  • Berry
  • Banana
  • Other - please comment below

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More then new bars, I’m more interested in being able to purchase bars from the US.

Is that coming soon?

I took a while to decide, then unknowingly picked the 2 options which were already most popular. I guess its good if there is a definitive answer to guide development anyway.

Only then did I wonder…“flavours of what”. Are we talking about bars here or RTD or powder? And if powder, then premix or flavour boosts?

Personally i like flavour boosts over premix as it gives me the option of two flavours in one (add the flav boost or don’t), without carrying two huge bags of huel around.

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The title did specify bars, which is what I voted on, but this has since been edited out.


I found it interesting that nobody has voted for berry (yet?)!

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Bakewell tart


Sticky Toffee Pudding flavour would be nice.

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Carrot cake


Parsnip cake

Hey! Its absolutely something that we are looking into along with many other projects but we won’t be launching a US Bar in the near future. We’re continuing to work on it though! :crossed_fingers:

@HelenaOfficialHuel what specifically are we voting for?
There’s already berry and mint choc powder…
Is this referring to RTD or to bars ?

It’s like Brexit…we were given a vote but no-one knew what they were voting for.

I don’t care I just snort coke with Gove.


Yea, snorting Huel just doesn’t work out as well.
… or so I’ve heard …

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Big question is. Why was the original title edited? :thinking:

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@Bee I guess Huel just want to know what flavours people are craving, so they create popular products amongst Huellers.

@Jon1977 it was originally aimed at flavours for bars and then changed, that is what I am getting at. Also why would we want to vote for flavours we already have in one form or another?

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@Bee Maybe there should be a general poll for what flavours in general should there be - to find out what ‘floats peoples boat’ and individual polls for each product type ie bars, powder, RTD etc.

Huel Bars please!


Bakewell tart! :yum:
The clown’s a genius!

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Nakd bar flavours :yum: