Green Tea + Huel

Not going to bore you with the whole story of why I tried this (it involves Vodka)… but after the success of Huel + Expresso I decided to try Green Tea and Huel.

I used one of the flavour versions, Cranberry Green Tea. I put some boiling water in a shaker cup, let the teabag brew and took it out. I then topped it up with Cold Water and added my Huel before putting in the fridge overnight.

It tastes like Green Tea… Much like other drinks, Green Tea somehow masks the flavour and you can’t taste the Huel at all.

Just thought I’d let people know… if you’re looking for a new flavour, try mixing Huel with Green Tea.


This is awesome news to know! Shop down the road has some amazing combinations for greentea, going to pick up some different flavours and try them!

Looking forward to honey and lemon Huel, or maybe cinnamon and ginger? Beetroot and blackberry? Endless flavours to try!

For those of you who tried this, I recently invested in some Macha powder.

It’s an easier way to mix huel and green tea and gives a nice taste.

Great idea.

I’m a green tea with mint fan myself, I might try that