Difference between Chocolate and Cacao flavours

I see Huel has released two new flavour pouches. I’m struggling to understand the difference between the chocolate flavour and the Cacao flavour.

There is a correction needed on the main site page now. It says Huel offers seven flavours but then lists nine underneath.

Chocolate in general is made from cocoa, which are roasted cacao beans. Cacao is cold pressed, so less processed and therefore has a higher antioxidant content than cocoa.

In terms of taste our chocolate flavour taste more like chocolate milkshake flavour, while the cacao has a more “natural” taste, closer to the taste of dark chocolate but not as strong.

Thank you for pointing out the error that has been fixed.

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I didn’t actually realise the range of flavours had been increased. Anyone know what the matcha tea one is like?

Matcha Tea is currently my fav - I don’t normally drink tea. I never thought I would like it, but it just really works well with Huel.

It’s sweet but has a bit savoury taste at the same time. I like coffee in my Huel too probably again due to the savoury notes.

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Matcha tea doesn’t taste like regular tea though, as it is based on green tea…nevertheless I think I will buy a sachet next time I order. I actually want to make some Huel protein balls which I want to add matcha tea to as an experiment, but I do actually have some matcha tea powder, so will maybe use a bit of that in a Huel shake before buying the flavour sachet…!

Funnily enough although I really like coffee, I didn’t really rate coffee flavoured Huel when I used a shot of espresso.

@hunzas try just adding granules. I used to make coffee then add but it wasn’t as good. I’m not sure if the problem was the heat or not. I now just add granules (they dissolve just fine in cold water) and ice.

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OK thanks Julian. I did actually add cold espresso, not hot, but it didn’t really do it for me. I tried it at different strengths too. I don’t normally drink instant coffee, but will definitely get a jar to test it.

I use Kenco Millicano fyi.


I regularly drink a lot of matcha so have a lot to hand. How much of the actual matcha powder do you recommend I add if I’m using say 4 scoops of Huel? Thanks.

I don’t get it, where do you find all of these flavors?
I only see Unflavored and Vanilla here: https://huel.com/collections/other-huel-products/products/huel


Ok thanks.

I use about half to 2/3 of a teaspoon of the Huel matcha tea flavour. I can’t comment on the matcha tea you have it could require a completely different amount. Best to start with half a teaspoon, taste and experiment from there.

I’ve been using Matcha tea recently and I use about half a teaspoon.

I’ve also tried matcha tea and maca…half teaspoon of each and that is great too.

Today I have tried half teaspoon of matcha and half teaspoon of lucuma.

If you want the matcha flavour sachet, I think it would probably work out cheaper than using matcha tea itself. I am only using it cos I have some around. Good results though.