Wish-List for non-food Huel products

As the product palette is expanding I think it would be good to discuss some ideas regarding this topic, too.

I recently bought something from the Huel apparel store for a friend who is a big fan of veganism, sustainability etc. He was not happy with the colors, though. He said black and white were “not natural”, the colors or rather non-colours that involved the highest degree of - often chemical - processing to be “perfect”. He mostly wearssofter, natural tones. He does not like bleached clothes, or those that need a lot of dye (black for example needs the most dye).

I am totally different, though - I wear only black, consequently, and nothing else, and I don’t like the “huel black”, for my taste it is not “pure” or “dark” enough. This would require artificial chemicals I guess, but I have no problems with that if it is necessary, because otherwise I have to add some dye when washing the clothes (I can’t stand “bleached/light black”).
I would also like to see other textiles as cotton, for example (artificial) leather.

What is your opinion on that? What do you wear? What is your style (preference)?

Another wish I have is a black shaker - there has been one, but it has been taken out of the German webstore. Of course it is possible to buy one somewhere else, which I do/did, but I find the newest one quite interesting and would like to try it, just not in the current style.

Plus an isolated vitamin/mineral powder mix would also be nice - just in case one wants to have a higher dosage of a certain micronutrient.

Are there others who would like to have something like that? And what exactly? I am doing Vitamin C megadosing (several gramms per day), and ordering the powder here would be a sign for me that I really get high-quality ascorbic acid (what you can not always know for sure if buying it on the internet).

The Huel name doesn’t have much appeal outside of food, but I got the free t-shirt from the loyalty scheme and it’s the first Huel clothing I own (except for the cheapo t-shirt from many years ago). I’m impressed by the quality, but I’d never chose to wear a black shirt (it shows lint and cat hair too much) and I would never, ever buy Huel clothing with the company logo visible anywhere. It’s great for a free shirt I can wear around the house.

I don’t like visible branding in most cases, but when it’s a food brand I feel like a particularly gigantic dweeb. It’s why I don’t wear Cadbury’s clogs or a Cup-a-Soup handbag.

I would rather like another one of these shirts that I can wear in public, so my wishlist is some shirts without the logo or the slogan. And the jeans look good but, again, logos and a slogan on the pocket makes them a no-go. And I don’t want slim fit, they’re dated. People started calling them “timeless” because they’d been “in” for so long, and they immediately went out of fashion. At least offer straight cut, the closest thing to “timeless” there is.

They’re producing black shakers for the loyalty scheme, so maybe they’d consider putting them up for general sale minus the “shiny” loyalty logos.

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This your kinda thing?

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I’d like a Huel-branded bucket hat, and a Huel-branded cotton draw-string duffle-bag shaped like a giant shaker, and Huel-branded socks. & no need for the branding to be subtle or modest on any of them.

Too subtle for me. This is more my thing.



I’ve just puked.

Why, you just eaten some of their food?

No, I don’t like branding, and I wear nothing with it - or I remove labels. But the new approach of the company seems to be to leave that stuff out, and just provide something that is sustainable, fair-trade etc.
And it is a company that seems to be credible - I mean there is so much “fair trade” to be found in internet stores that it is hard to find out which is actually fair trade and what not.

I don’t eat it pal. I think it’s cheap nasty stuff and don’t understand why everyone raves about it or why we need one every 500 metres.

when I was back in the UK I did have their fresh sandwiches (and soups) often which were great - better than M&S - and the coffee was pretty good too.Pasties - yeah not great - mainly because they dont keep them heated anymore. No clue why there are so many of them in the same locations though, really not uncommon to see 5 or 6 of them in the same town centre.

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The key reason for black and white is that they’re the most wearable colours with items you already have in your wardrobe. This helps in making more items you own usable, as the saying goes, ‘the most sustainable item of clothing is the one already in your wardrobe’.

In regards to the shade of black we used, this came from research into dyes and making sure we used as ethical process as we could, while attaining a good shade of black. Jet black is a difficult to achieve when you are not working in synthetics fibres. We could achieve it in cotton, but after the first wash it would drop closer to our current black in shade, instantly making the product look older. By starting at a slightly less than jet black shade, the garment will remain consistent with what you purchased.

We’re big fans at Huel of un-dyed fabrics (the slightly off white, cream colour) and have also looked into natural shades, often achieved using plant and food waste. This is something we hope to bring in the future.

You’re not the first to ask this. In essence a multivitamin in powder form. At the moment we’re focussed on food and drinks, but who knows maybe we will create a squash type mix you could add to water?

That would be great Dan