Free T-Shirt feedback

New Huel user here, just got my first order so I’ll do some proper feedback once I’ve tried it for a while.

Just a quick note about the free t-shirt, I know I can’t complain as it’s free! But I was expecting it in grey not black, again I’m not complaining, but I probably won’t wear it.
Perhaps if there’s several different colours, ask people to state what colour they want, as well as size? Just had a scim through and I couldn’t see black t-shirts anywhere on the site (there was one mention in a suggestion thread).


Hi Jon,

At the top of this page: - we say:

Important notice: Due to us selling so much Huel. causing a low supply of the grey t-shirts we give away, we will be producing a ‘limited edition’ black t-shirt. Whether you receive the limited edition black t-shirt or not is a lucky dip, but all first time orders for a short period may receive black t-shirts.

Sorry the choice was out of our hands.

What is your size jonodavies

Completely missed that, thanks for pointing it out Julian!

I’m a Medium Tina :slight_smile:

I have M grey if you wanna swap.

Yeah sure Tina! I’ll message you :slight_smile:

The black ones are for sale on the site now -

Are they the Gildan 5000 or 64000 t-shirts?

T-shirts look so cool for the casual looks and I wish I could have participated in this giveaway. Well, recently I won a giveaway and received a pair of cool workout leggings and tank top from alo yoga brand. It was just fabulous pair and I am definitely going to start using it soon.