Would you wear the grey or the black Huel t-shirt more often?

Hi everyone,

I’m just looking for a little feedback on the t-shirts. If you don’t know, we recently produced a black t-shirt which people can buy or receive randomly in their Huel orders.

What I was wondering is whether anyone has a preference for the black t-shirt, or if you might prefer our grey t-shirt?

Thanks very much for the feedback in advance!

I think the grey looks nice. Im also going to order the grey hoodie when ive lost more weight. Other colours would be good aswell, blue, red, green, white etc

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Nice try, but I’m not a walking add.

Black please - and a black running vest too please.

No preference. @Julian, ahem, I mean “I”, look good in both grey and black and would wear either color.

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I think the grey is the nicest one, in part due to the Huel logo looking better in black. That said I will probably get a black one at some point to go under my grey hoodie :grin:

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I prefer the grey one definitely and probably wouldn’t wear the black.

My preference is for grey also, I think the “Huel” logo looks better in black. They both look nice though.

Any chance of a blue one? I’ve been told blue really suits me.

I prefer the grey, which is what I got.

A fitted gym vest would be good!

Personally, I prefer the Black shirt (although I’m yet to fit into the grey one!)

I really like the grey shirt. Grey is my favourite colour for t-shirts generally.

Grey for summer, black for winter :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely grey for me !

I would never wear these t-shirts outside of the house personally since I have a slightly more advanced wardrobe (this t-shirt is obviously a male fit), but for 95% of guys grey goes better with their coloring, so I say grey! Dress them all in grey, lest black washes out their color. :smile_cat:

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Grey T-shirts show off armpit sweat after 2 seconds of putting it on. I’d not wear it out the house.
It’s a good quality T-shirts you’ve made mind you so I’d wear a black one.

Black is going to become grey in the wash quickly looking worn-out. I prefer the grey one. Plus, the logo looks better in black (not that you’d see it, as I’d wear it probably as PJ or under a jumper.

I wear my grey one at home as part of my “comfies”.

I would prefer to wear a black one out in public due to sweat marks being more hidden :slight_smile:

Grey. I like mine and wear it.

I have one of each and I have no preference. I wear whichever t-shirt is lucky enough to be grabbed from the drawer that morning.

I’d like to note that even the logo print is really good quality and they haven’t deteriorated in the washing machine. They’re both just comfortable t-shirts :+1: