Feedback on the Huel t-shirt

Hi Huelers.

May I ask for some feedback on the Huel t-shirt please?

My view is that they are nice and thick, do come up a little small, nice colour, but the logo does fade and the t-shirt does crease pretty easy.

Thank you.

Considering it was free, I’ve no complaints. It keeps it’s shape after washing and it does me fine for the gym

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I like the sizing (I like the tighter fit) and the material feel. Can’t comment on longevity yet.

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It’ll be a while before I’m able to fit into mine. I take that as encouragement. :wink:


As a tall, fat bird I like the t-shirt. It’s plenty long enough for me - which is a rare treat - and it was snug when it arrived, it’s a lot less snug now.

I’ve not had it long enough for it to have been laundered more than a couple of times so can’t speak to the fading etc. but I like the quality of the fabric so far.

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Just realised I’m wearing mine now. It’s fine. Quality is good an it fits just right. A good touch including with the first order.

It’s nice, but I ended up with a hole in the armpit which I needed to get repaired.

Hey guys and girls, I really like the t-shirt. Fits great, I like the colour and the material too however have and arm pit snag also. Happened after just a few times of wearing it. Doesn’t stop me using it for the gym or being lazy around the house though!

I wonder whether the stitching is poor quality?

Mine seems fine, though I ordered a size small as a “target” so I haven’t actually worn it yet. :smile:

Thank you for all for the feedback. I will mention the armpit issue to the supplier.

It’s good to hear that in general it’s a liked product.

I’m a S in most things, and it’s a little tight so yes you probably need to size up as a rule.

That said, I like it - I’m a fan of Huel’s minimalist livery.

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