Huelwear Performance T-shirt

Hi all,

Decided to share my experience so far with the performance shirt - it might help some people.

The material was a bit static when I unpacked it, but after washing it once it was fine. I think this can be the case with some materials. As I said, it’s fine now.

As a taller person (6’2 / 190cm) I was very happy to see this t-shirt is quite long. I went with an L and I could move my arms around without the t-shirt lifting too much. An important factor to me. Working out with it was good too - I felt very comfortable doing all kinds of movements.

Going to have to see how it holds up in the long run, but for now - it feels better than my other workout shirts.

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Thanks so much for this feedback.

I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the performance wear, so it’s great you think it’s going to do the job well. I’ve had such a mix of quality when it comes to performance t-shirts.

Keep us posted on how it holds up, I’ve no doubt it will do well!

Will do. Also, same here regarding the quality or comfort of workout t-shirts. Luckily this one checked all the boxes for me - so definitely recommend giving it a try :slightly_smiling_face:

In my experience…the t shirt is rubbish. I’m a usual XL but this turned up fitting more like a medium. Something to look forward to fitting in I guess…

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