XL Shirt has a 48inch chest, not 42-44inch


Hi guys,

I received my first Huel order, but instead of a t-shirt, you sent me a grey Huel tent.

I went over the forum before I ordered the size, and you were very clear that a (my) 42 inch chest would equal a 42 inch shirt. Well, my XL ‘42-44’ inch shirt is actually closer to 48 inches (see tent photo).

Is there any way I can send it back and get a size L shirt? At the moment it’s unusable, unless I decide to take up camping.


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It’s not even as though the shirt is too small to give you incentive to lose weight…assuming that is your aim…apologies if not.

FYI, I have a large and it measures exactly 21". That’s quite a big jump from L to XL.

He was talking t-shirts big boy.


I wish it was 21" as I would slap you around the face with it.


Think you missed the decimal point between the 2 and the 1 ???

That would make it 2.1" long which is not very long…?

That’s something I would pay to see! :rofl:


Which ???
The 2.1 inch or the ???

The slap. :wink:

Dirty girl Wendy lol :grinning:

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Hey there, not seen this before. Looks like it could be mislabeled. Below is a XXL


Really sorry about that. I’ve got another XL out to you as well as a Large, just in case.


Hi Tim,

Top marks for the customer service.

I received the shirts today, but the other two XL’s were just as big as the first one. The one L that was in there fits perfectly though (photo attached).

I wore it to the gym today and it generated a few questions.

I can send the other three XL’s back if you want? Either that or I’ll hand them out to the bigger guys at my gym.

Cheers anyway.


Much better when you can read the logo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I understand why you didn’t want it roomy now! :wink::rofl:

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your carpet looks like ours. @huelguy

No problem chap, sorry to hear about the other t-shirts. No need to send back, perhaps use them to win favour with any XXLarge scary people in the gym :+1:

Wow, chest goals amirite?