Free T-shirt or free bedsheet?

Anyone else receive a t-shirt way to big for them? If so it’s time to come together and start a riot.

Mine was a little one!

Mine is huge too :wink:

The T-shirt however … is a bit baggy now I’ve lost a few kg’s …

I received a size Medium, and I’m XL minimum. I prefer my shirts larger. Anyone want to start a CO-OP where we can freely exchange sizes?

I got a Large but I’d much rather have that medium, or even a small one. Surprised there was no option to input the size at checkout, right now it’s just spinning the wheel or fortune and hoping you get lucky.

Blockquote If so it’s time to come together and start a riot.

Sounds goods to me! I`m in.


I have a medium in Black so if anyone would like to swap an XL/L i’m game :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to quickly jump in here.

I’m really sorry if any of you received the incorrect t-shirt size, it sounds as though you may not have selected your shirt size at checkout so were sent a default size (usually a medium or large). See below where abouts you can select your t-shirt size. T-shirt%20size

We are always more than happy to swap your t-shirt size for you if, for any reason, you received the incorrect size. Just drop us an email to and we can absolutely help you out :relaxed:


Mine was perfect.