T-shirt sizes - bigger or smaller than expected?


Currently our t-shirt sizes are bang on. As in Julian has measured them with a tape measure and has given the exact size in inches on the website. However, we still get people ordering t-shirts and then saying that it was smaller/larger than they expected. We think this is just because clothing sizes vary greatly between stores and people when presented with the option of S/M/L/XL/XXL revert to what they usually order in shops, which may be slightly bigger than the stated dimensions. I.e. You buy a 32inch pair of trousers, but really they’re more like 33-34inch when you measure them.

So when you received your t-shirt did you think it was the size you were expecting?

We are thinking of changing our sizes so that the current Small would be X-Small, the current Medium would be Small etc. etc.

We would love to hear some of your invaluable feedback regarding this.

I ordered small and it was exactly the size I wanted (some are too long/baggy even when supposedly “small”). :+1:

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My XL is too large…now…but fitted fine when I received it. The power of Huel…


@JJMC I love your answer. :+1:

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I got size M with my first order back in November, fits great. Really nice shape to the shirt too, seems to accent shoulders and chest quite nicely.


Yes, I have the same “problem” :grin:

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I ordered xl and was sent large

I wear small t-shirts from everywhere, but the small Huel T-shirt is much smaller, way too tight :frowning: shame cuz I want to wear it to promote Huel, but instead it’s at the back of the drawer

I ordered a large and its a little small. Just means im more motivated to loose weight so it fits.

I ordered XL and it’s too large, to me it’s more like an XXL

I ordered a large but I think I’m somewhere between an L and M in general, depending on the brand.

The huel shirt was a bit big on me, mainly around the waist. But no bigger than I’d expect.

Its a shame they aren’t tapered / fitted as we’ll all be in good shape after a few months of Huel!

I ordered XL and it was perfect. Normally XL are too long and too tight in the chest for me.

@JCW can you check the label please? does it say “premium” or “heavyweight”?

Sizing is ok but not made for boobies. Fits broad shoulders of a rugby girl though.

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@Julian heavy weight

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@JCW our normal tshirt is the premium, which has a fitted “european” cut. When we exhausted that stock we switched to closest tshirt which is the heavyweight, this has a less fitted “american” cut. I hope that makes sense.

Hi Rob, I’ve looked at your order and you don’t appear to have added your free t-shirt to your cart when you checked out. Our picking and packing company will put in a large if its a first time order but no t-shirt/shaker was added.

If you would like, you can send it back to us (details here - http://huel.com/pages/refund-policy) and we can exchange it for you!

Keep the responses coming Huelers. Interesting to see how some of you are actually finding the sizes bigger than expected, we thought it would just be the other way around. Thank you, as ever, for your awesome feedback!

I see. Thanks. What brand is the fitted one? I could do with some new t shirts.

All our t-shirts are gliden. Our preferred t-shirt is the “gliden premium” but when they are out of stock we have switched to the “gliden heavyweight”.