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Ok, so I’m a little bit weird. Eccentric even. Mad a a hatter or just an individual with a back problem.
Can someone in Huel explore the possibility of some big baggy tops: 4X, 5X and 6X promote them as exercise or post exercise tops and in my case just a top that would fit over my Degenerative lumbar scoliosis
I am going to be seventy next year and Id love to be able to celebrate wearing a (baggy) t-shirt and drinking a vanilla Huel.
Please don’t brush me off as a lone case, there are many people out there who would love a loose top with which to advertise Huel, and some people who would just like to be able to feel comfortable with themselves and their clothing.

Cheers, Reverend John


I hear ya, but I can also see that making clothes in 4x, 5x and 6x are still quite niche and may not be financially viable. Those sizes are a bit more mainstream in US but not so much in UK.

Park runners around here often begin and end run in loose tops, indeed seeing that each weekend made me think that a short print run might be worth exploring as the payback is free promo

Rev John

well - manufacturing a trial batch for the US market and keeping some stock back for the EU could be an option?

I know, I myself like a loose top (in a hoodie not in a t-shirt which I prefer true to size)…but an XL is plenty large enough and I’m not a particularly small fella.

Maybe that could work.

I’m a big fan of lateral thinking. I’m also fond of taking a risk (a small toe dipped in water, risk).
Most of all I like the idea that a business values all its customers not just those who fit the middle / average ranges.

I have a couple of free t-shirts, they fit my grandchildren perfectly. I have no idea if they may one day have a subscription with Huel but they are doing a great promotion job.

I waffle. Put it down to age and a lifetime of being called Quisimodo and Hunch Back, whispered and laughed at.

Whoops. Rambling again.

Back to my query for all of us customers who are not silphlike, slender and fit, but who are unique well fed on Huel and Happy.

Reverend John



Hey Reverend John, thanks so much for the message. I notice you raised this in 2019 too. I’m so happy to hear you’re still with Huel and using it regularly. Being totally honest I can’t see us offering t-shirts up to 4/5/6XL to everyone, I’ve only seen these requests from yourself so am sure the demand would be low. But I’m gutted because I really want you to be able to wear a Huel t-shirt with pride, especially for your 70th. I’m going to chat with the team and see what we can do.


Thank you so much for your reply, that’s more than some businesses would do.

I appreciate that finances drive most things, not a conversion to follow Christ however, nor my conveying a blessing for you, your family and friends, God Bless.

Reverend John Milsom



Hi all, I’m with jonny_three_dogs, and feel you should supply the larger sizes. I for two would purchase one :slight_smile:

@jonny_three_dogs I want to start a petition to get you a large huel shirt, you’re the most wholesome person on this forum.

To add to this request, I live for extremely oversized black long sleeve t-shirt’s and would love a huel one to add to my collection.

Let’s all sing the same song “with larger sizes you can’t go wrong”!



What a fantastic human you are!.

I am no revelutionary but I do think that there are other hueligans out there who would like a larger size.

Stay safe, keep hydrated, best regards,



While I definitely salute your excitement about Huel, as well as the promotion of it, but simply asking for such a large business decision is easier said then done.

I feel like the 2X is where the line should be drawn, personally, im 26 @ 248 LBs and my Huel shirts are goal shirts, for me.

In this case, maybe a direct request of some sort MIGHT get you a custom sized T-shirt. The fact they don’t stock these could be a brand issue, business decision, or other.

I think if Huel wants to make the bigger sizes, cool. It is their business. I also kind of agree on a brand level of drawing the line at 2x. Having those shirts may create some complacency, having a goal shirt is motivating, and you can go on a personal quest to “earn” your Huel shirt. It is much more rewarding. There is time!

As someone with Severe Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, and other issue related to autoimmune disorders (I prefer not to submit all my personal business onto the internet) .

But Huel is not marketed as a weight loss product, It’s a healthy meal replacement product.

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You’re getting caught up technicalities that just aren’t really worth discussing. The product doesn’t change by the label you put on it. I am in no position to define the Huel brand, nor speak for them, but I feel like it is more of a business decision than anything else.

My own personal opinion on the possibility of it being brand related could easily be countered with giving people of that size some motivation for the present. It’s kind of Dickish to exclude plus size individuals like that, other than creating a standard of health… , if you had asked me to try to emulate a generic “Huel” response , that would be a bit extreme. Things like Coaching: morale, motivation, all that changes by the individual , and the approach does too.

It’s most likely a business decision… it’s a common issue for plus sized people. I am one xD

It’s simply more expensive at XXX and above- often requiring different machinery to cut larger pieces of fabric, different production lines to allow for larger items to be produced. It’s not as simple as scaling up designs either, there would be huuuuuuge necks if they did. This can mean a different facility altogether.

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I was taught that for every problem there’s a solution :mask:


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It’s just because it’s expensive to produce different sizes, and then not many people buy them because there’s low demand so it’s often not worth it.

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The solution is in your hands. Stick with the huel and watch your intake and expenditure of calories and you’ll fit into the existing shirts!

You obviously did not read my initial posting, unless of course you are cruel and heartless, if loosing weight was the straightforward issue you inadvisably summise it to be then I would slim down.