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Exactly! There are plenty of reasons for needing larger clothes.


Not everyone CAN get to a smaller size by wishing it so!

I have multiple disabilities, including a colostomy and am ‘physically challenged’ with arthritis and damaged knees and back. I am quite short, eat a healthy diet and do what I can, using two walking sticks to get around, which, at age 70 is no longer as much as I would like. I’d like a 4XL/5XL short sleeve grey or black with Huel branding.

I COLLECT T-shirts . . . But I need a Minimum XXXL; I even wear a 7XL (I know, very baggy, but comfortable). I had to give my free T-shirt to my husband, as there is no way I could get into it even if I tried. :clown_face:

Welcome to the forum, Flambeau! You are relatively young, at 26, and for you, as a young Male, you will probably meet your goal, but for Senior persons with disabilities, such as damaged backs, or my colostomy, such a restricted cut would or could be quite embarrassing and uncomfortable. I wish you success in your personal goal, but I Join in the plea for a T-shirt I can wear with pride!



I want one, too! I had my 70th in Lockdown this year, and I’d have loved one for that . . . maybe for my 71st? :clown_face:

Ok, I definitely understand the foundation behind your argument. Maybe the whole “brand” thing is a bit harsh (Definitely doesn’t really align with the be positive message @ huel, but im just a forum-goer.) I was simply arguing the possibility behind that, but even said it’s most likely a supply/demand thing. it happens across most clothiers , .

I think it’s up to Huel to decide if they want to stock these sizes. Making to-order shirts seems like a logistical nightmare. You have to depend on another operation to make good on your promised dates, it’s a huge liability if the made to order people can’t make it happen. Also, just ordering, stocking, and filling seems like the right idea. So having to take the time for custom shirt submissions is a whole lot of investment , past just having a stock and filling orders.

I am young, and also typically wear 3XL or even 4XL (that is kinda baggy on me now) so I understand the frustration of not having the clothes you like in your size. I sacrifice fashion sometimes because of it. The fact is I have noticed past 2XL is hard to find in stocks , especially when it comes to the stuff I actually want for some reason… That sound dramatic to me… lol. Sacrificing my fashion .

I just noticed that most clothiers do not stock past 2XL. It has to be a business or brand thing. That’s mainly why I came to that conclusion. I get upset with myself for being unhealthy every time I can’t get a shirt I love in my size. That’s the reality behind what I feel and think when that happens. It has motivated me to want to lose weight. That is just my situation.

I will say this: I love the Huel shirts. Do I wish they were in my current size , yes. They are some of the most comfortable material and it like form fits well. (my 2XL shirt is a current goal shirt… im currently on an intermission to let my feet to some resting) the huel shirts have low cut arms which is something I need to get comfortable in.

Thanks for welcoming me

What about a Huel baseball cap. @Tim_Huel

I saw someone wearing one today in Emily’s about me video.

I always wear them in the summer and a beanie in the winter…even indoors.

We occasionally do some short run merch for the team, often to celebrate something, like us coming back to office or a big milestone. But who knows what the future will hold, perhaps we will see a Huel cap in the future.

I’m certain that @Indigo meant no offence by this comment. Clearly many people writing on the forum are on a weight loss journey and on a long thread your comments might have been missed @jonny_three_dogs. We know that in your case and many others with disabilities it’s not a case of simply losing weight.

Good day to you all, I am applying my own criteria of self examination to some of my blunt language and apologise to anyone whom I may have offended.

I am still on a mission for the elusive super large t-shirt in which I could celebrate my 70th birthday.

Huel and I are on a journey, this journey has taken us through to better all round health but not yet to weight loss, if that happens it will be a bonus.

Stay safe out there, and may your God go with you,

Regards, Rev John Milsom


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C’mon you know you want to. Otherwise I’ll maybe bootleg one like those amazing mugs I did.

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