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Just for reference, our parkrun core team did a return to parkrun video and I decided to wear my Huel top during most of it.

You are welcome :wink:


Now everybody gonna be like dis


I’ve worn huel Ts 5-7 days a week for months. Just living healthy day to day Life in the comfiest T ever. Just got the hoodie for evenings.

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Lovely to be back at Parkrun! Thanks for rocking your Huel t-shirt! How did you get along?

This is the huel life.

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If you want to see some bad acting this is the Link

I’m the one in the Huel top :sweat_smile:


Hope you set them on the right path

Yh have you successfully converted anyone? :blush::muscle: @Martyn78

Well, I have had people say, why are you not wearing a parkrun top, are you getting paid by Huel :sweat_smile:

I suppose it’s being talked about so that’s a win.

We really appreciate it Martyn! I am excited about doing a park run soon! Our local one to Huel HQ is great but I don’t live near there, so bit of an effort on a Saturday. Plenty of others near me though of course!