Going down dress sizes

So, just a quick and happy update. I have been having Huel on and off since March, to help manage cravings and sugar dips, and it’s really helped me avoid binge gorging and pitfalls. So - the good news is that I’ve gone down two dress sizes without even trying, and I’ve had to (look away boys) replace my bra twice as I get more in proportion. My monthlies are less heavy and painful as well, which when you’re a woman approaching menopause is a good thing. All of this means that excercise has become easier, and I’m now able to run a 5k (if slowly) whereas at the start of March I could run thirty seconds and then have to stop and wheeze.

But I’ve got to admit, buying myself pretty clothes again has boosted my self esteem no end. The only problem I have is friends and colleagues grimacing at my Huel, and accusing me of being anorexic. (Uhm… no!) But yes, my experience of Huel so far has been overwhelmingly positive.


It’s a new concept, loads of people just don’t get it. Kinda odd, since slim fast is a meal replacement drink and loads of people try to use that to loose weight.

Huel’s obviously working for you, so, well done! More than the geeks and nerds biohacking (I include myself in that group), I bet this is exactly the kind of post @Julian et al like seeing on the forum :slight_smile:

It’s fantastic isn’t it? :blush: I just commented on another post that the difference between bad / empty calories (think pizza / lager) and nutritious calories (Huel) starts to become apparent once you realise what your body is doing with them. 2k calories on pizza and beer = Fat Steve. 2k calories on Huel = Lean Steve :blush:

Awesome post and thanks for sharing. I’ve been going slowly - just one Huel for breakfast, as this is going to be a long term thing for me. So far I’ve gone down a dress size too (16uk to 14uk) in a month, and like you, have started running - I go round the forest with my dogs each morning about 3-4k.
I find that after my morning dogs/run routine a huel is perfect and I’m good till lunchtime. Funnily enough today I felt I could have transitioned to a Huel for lunch, so i might well see how I go tomorrow for that. I want it to be a ‘pull’ towards choosing Huel, and iti’s certainly going that way.

I posted recently about the other benefits - like my shopping bill is down (I’m not snacking - not on purpose, just not craving), more time in my day, and other things. Again a hugely positive experience for me too.
Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for the great feeback! So please to hear Huel has made a happier and healthier you; I hope this continues and you keep eating up those dress sizes (if that is still the goal!).

Keep Huelin’!

Just to let you all know that I have lost and kept off six stone. I’m running between fifteen and thirty miles a week (for some reason I get lethargic once a month and want to binge chocolate. Hmmm.) First time I tried to run (third of March last year) it took me over eighteen minutes to finish a mile. Today I ran six, with my average pace ten minutes four seconds and my fastest nine minutes 28. So, still slow, but hey - consistent!

I am thinking of having a 100% Huel month just to lose that final stone and get back to my pre pregnancy weight (after twenty one years!) This is the healthiest I have felt in well over a decade. Thought I should let you know!


Wow what an amazing achievement! Congratulations! Your original post really resonated with me, especially about the binge eating. Something that I know only too well. I’ve been trying to do Huel for the same reasons as you, to control cravings and bingeing and as a result lose weight, but the cravings and desire to binge Are proving really hard to overcome. As someone whose done this, do you have any tips on how best to go about this? Ps, I also want to get back into running, but am super super slow. Thanks for your inspiration!

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I started using an online app for running - it tells you a story while you run in which you are the hero, and if you slow down zombie noises start up. Sounds daft but it works - and the story is great. It has more episodes than Game of Thrones and they are still producing more. So, there is that which could help you run. They do a seperate app which is an eight week couch to five k programme that also tells a story. So - maybe do a google for zombies run and see what you think.

I don’t really know what advice to give about weight loss… it just seems that a certain number of things converged in my life and it got easier. Huelling instead of fast-fooding when hungry helped. Finding something engrossing to do instead of eating helped. (guitar, running, walking the dogs.) Stopping drinking fizzy pop and alcohol helped. (Helps the budget too.) You know what it is like when you come home tired and worn out - ooh, I’ll have some wine. Turns out I sleep better without.

It sounds like I’m not having fun - I am. I even enjoy my cooked meals more because I plan specials to share with others.

But Huel was a big part in my health improving (as was ZR.)

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