Sweat-wicking huel shirts?

Anyone else who would love a Huel shirt that was also a perfect workout shirt so we could represent at the gym? The fit and feel of the new shirts is SO nice, but I think a workout range would go down a treat with us gym-bunnies and lifters who live off Huel.

Any plans in the pipeline @Tim_Huel?

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In the past I think Huel have deliberately distanced themselves from this sort of thing, after all, they’re not a fitness brand and not a weight-loss brand and they’ve been careful to curate an image of being “convenience food for everyone”. Worth asking though. Maybe a Huel workout top might finally motivate me to go back to the gym this year :sweat_smile: somehow I doubt it

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I wear these kinds of shirts all the time - just find them more comfortable especially now in the summer months when heat and humidity are very high they make for a good work shirt

Their image is constantly evolving however. In fact my most recent order came with a cardboard pamphlet on how to use Huel for weight loss, maintainance and weight gain. And they are always bringing out articles on a whole range of topics in relation to health.
A very important part of staying healthy is being active.
So an active t-shirt fits with the brand image perfectly as far as I’m concerned.

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I for one would quite proudly wear a line of Huel athletics wear.

I do a minimum of 45 hours per week rollerblading at Rollerworld in Colchester (Essex), and I’ve always got bottles of Huel (Black Edition) with me. Have people asking me about it all the time, too.

Because I work up a hell of a sweat skating for so many hours, I have to wear wicking clothing… so, yes, stick a Huel logo on some of it. Why not?

Huel gives me the energy to skate the way I do. Why not promote that fact?

is rollerblading your full time job? Lucky you! It’s my all time favourite form of exercise but I don’t know of a rink near me (Bristol)

Unfortunately it isn’t my full-time job (I wish I could make a living out of it)

I do 9x 5 hour sessions per week, at this time of year I skate indoors most often because the ground is usually wet outside.

During the spring/summer, I skate outdoors (I’ll happily do 6AM right through to 11PM on a Saturday/Sunday/bank-holiday)

What I do these days is prepare 3 capsules of Huel powder, and bring enough water to fill the Promixx-IXR bottle 3 times. Then I can mix my Huel immediately before drinking it, wherever I am (and the bottle mixes it far more consistently than the shaker ones do)

I quite often get asked about the Huel while I’m skating, and then I explain what it is, how to get it, the difference it’s made for me etc. I even saw some of the more regular skaters at Rollerworld recently wearing their newly-acquired Huel t-shirts (clearly they’d placed their first subscription orders)

The Black Edition has been so much better for me than the v2.3 (haven’t tried the 3.0 at all, though) and the higher protein ratio (and, equally of importance, lower carb ratio) makes all the difference… especially when it comes to muscle recovery.

But on the subject of clothing, I would be really happy to wear Huel-branded athletic wear while I’m skating. From Huel’s perspective, it’s a no-brainier, really. Free promotion and all that :laughing: