Wondering if anyone knows/has a link to the model of the Gildan T-Shirt that Huel stocks? They fit me great and feel great so would love to get a few more in different colours. Thanks.

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I cannot help, but totally second this. The T-Shirts are a great cut.

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I third this! Often I find t-shirts that are long enough and big enough round the chest shoulders way to baggy round the waist. This Huel t-shirts fit really nicely.

This is so true… the Huel T-Shirt is the best! I love the fit and the material.

Hi there,

It’s a GD08 - or Gildan Premium cotton t-shirt. I have 6 blanks of my own :slight_smile:


Cheers Tim.

Took a gamble and ordered a few Gildan 4100 T-Shirts before your comment as they seem to be exactly the same spec and more readily available on eBay etc. Here’s hoping.



Hey Tim, Cheers! I love them as well. Any chance you know where to get the 2.0 in blank?

They aren’t available, unlike the Gildan (which was off the shelf), our v2.0 and v2.1 t-shirts are our own design, custom t-shirt. It’s made from the material we want, in the dimensions we’ve decided, so it’s not available like a blank t-shirt to be printed on. Sorry about that! I’m so stoked you love the tshirt though :heart_eyes:

I’d be totally down for buying some blanks from here, the T shirt is legitimately great material and cut. And while the free Huel tshirt is great and will be worn in the gym, some blank ones to wear elsewhere would be awesome

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+1 for loving the TeeShirts. I am tempted to get another in grey. I am sure they will make great Gym tops when we are allowed back in.

:scream: a Huel t-shirt without Huel branding? Are you mad?! Haha, no I like this idea. We actually do have blanks in existence (but still have the side tab and both rear neck pieces of branding inside and out), but we use them for printing short runs. Good to know you’re interested.

A small branding on the back of the neck and the side tab is fine IMO, it’s the branding on the front that puts me off wearing it just out and about but that’s the same for all clothes, for me I tend to just not usually wear things with logos etc. Gym and things like that it will get an outing for sure though.

What I love about this tshirt is that if i’m not mistaken it is at least very slightly tapered. I need a medium in width but a large in length for most tshirts as i’m pretty tall so I generally end up with tees that are either boxy but right in length or ones that are too short but otherwise fit well. The huel tshirt in Large is perfect for me as it is exactly the right length but being I think either tapered (or slightly elasticated) means that the fit in the width is brilliant. Totally up for more.

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maybe it’s time for a “Lifestyle line” @Tim_Huel

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Huel socks and boxer shorts would be great.

It does have a taper yes, it’s a fitted tee for sure. We based it off a Hugo Boss t-shirt - the Boss Orange. We wanted to give Hueligans a t-shirt worth £20 for free, as opposed to being a disposable piece of ‘merch’.

Love this, please feel free to send out pun-based Huel clothing range names.

Such a practical man. Did you not get enough for Christmas?

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Wear Huel

i’ll have my coffee and think a lil’bit more.

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So lots of people seem to be very interested in extending the accessories section of Huel, especially regarding more clothing choices…

It’s a custom made one from http://www.sagaciousfashion.com/

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Great find, Kenneth! Thank you :raised_hands: