Anyone selling Huel T-Shirt? (V 1.0)

Huel no longer sell their original t-shirts (version 1.0) and I am looking to buy any Medium Grey ones in size Medium if anyone has ones they aren’t using? They fit me perfectly


Hmm I believe the Huel version 1 tee was from Gildan, who you can buy t shirts from directly if you are willing to overlook them being a bit shady. There’s more details elsewhere on the forum just search Gildan

:sob: What’s up with the new t-shirts?

We don’t have any Huel branded ones since we’ve upgraded them. But they’re bog-standard off the shelf t-shirts from Gildan (Gildan Premium, or GD08 you should search for) which you can buy from loads of wholesalers. The grey is ‘Sports Grey’ I believe. Hope this helps!

Err one guess…

I think the old ones are better - they fit me better at least and are a better material in my opinion. Thank you for letting me know the details

What are the old ones? The ones with (way too) long sleeves?

I love the new ones! The quality and fit is pretty much perfect :slight_smile:

The Huel mankinis are a perfect fit.