Why Gildan

Why Gildan ??/, massive reputation for undersizing fit (i’m a standard 2XL in fitted t-shirts, example razorstorm), heavy fabric (so not suitable gym), flared arms, along with their shocking ethical practices and footprint

If anyone wants a free medium t-shirt (ordered 2XL) please give me a shout.

I’m a medium in Ralph Lauren, a medium in Tommy Hilfiger, a medium in Boss, a medium in Jack Jones and even a medium in Primark.

Guess what - I’m a medium in my Huel T-shirt too. :smiley:

Sizing has always seemed fine to me! If you’re a 2XL, why did you order a medium?!

One of the lucky ones I guess, I ordered a 2XL

Ahhhh I see, I was reading it before your edit wondering why you’d do that.

Well that sucks, to be fair.

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Yeah, my “medium” is really a small, fine for 'round the house, but that’s it…

I work with clothing and it measures a small.

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I’d love your medium shirt as mine fits great, thanks for the lovely offer. If you want to message me I’ll arrange payment for postage.

You say it isn’t gym suitable, but I have a couple and wear them for running with no issues. I havent noticed a problem with bad fitting arms or small sizing (compared to my other T-Shirts). I cannot comment on Gildan’s ethics as I just don’t know but I fully believe you.

Interestingly the Huel T shirts from Gildan have always been a firm favourite of the fanbase… interesting to hear a different opinion! Please share more about their ethical practices I’d be interested to know if I should still be wearing my collection!

Some interesting material, was enough for me, but its all subjective I guess.

I’d be wearing them anyway or their allegidly bad pracitices would have been a total waste, where the product prematurely ends up in the trash.

Best to get the most out of it. As a vegan I take this approach with leather I purchesed beforehand.

That said it might be best avoiding that brand where possible if their practices are indeed explotative.

But if it’s got Huel written on it I’m buying it anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the message about this. We’re in no way tied to Gildan but we like the quality of the t-shirt, sorry that you’re experience has been any different.

There is no standard XXL. Almost every brand is different, there’s no industry standard. 5 brands detailed below.

This is a conscious choice by us, they aren’t gym t-shirts nor is Huel a gym brand. They’re just t-shirts! We like the thickness 185gsm provides. You can of course wear them to the gym and many do, but yes they won’t wick the sweat away from the skin.

In the UK we use a Gildan Premium which doesn’t have flared sleeves and is more fitted. I love the Gildan fit personally and have about 5 blanks of various colours that I wear regularly. Sorry to hear yours is flared.

This is tricky, because we have read differently. How do we know who to believe?

They have recently been included in the Dow Jones sustainability world index for the second year running.
52% of all Gildan’s energy comes from renewable energy sources
Since 2010 they have reduced their emissions by 32%
Since 2010 they have reduced their waste by 25%

We’ve replied to your messages on Facebook but can’t offer you anything other than a Gildan t-shirt. If you would in fact like a replacement just let us know and we will of course fire one out for you!

Tim this forum is only great because you take the time to give these thoughtful responses, thank you

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It has been also found that in the DJSI the three dimensions of sustainability are not considered in a balanced way, being biased towards economic criteria to the disadvantage of social and environmental ones. A further bias of the DJSI is that it only includes large companies, whereas other indices include smaller companies as well. As a consequence of these limitations, a survey conducted among sustainability experts found that only 48 percent considered the DJSI as "highly trusted.

Using self-reported data as proxies for the social or environmental effects the DJSI intends to reflect leaves the index exposed to corporate biases and additional credibility risks. It rewards companies with greatest capacity to respond to SAM’s questionnaires and information requests rather than those with the best socially responsible practices. Secondly, relying on self-reported data carries substantial risks since information from companies may not be completely credible

Even though Gildan paid slightly more for labour doesn’t mean that workers were treated particularly well. Worker Rights Consortium, an independent labour rights monitoring organization, found in 2011 that workers in Haitian factories where Gildan was manufacturing products were being unlawfully terminated. In 2013, the same organization found that Gildan’s workers earnings “fall significantly short of the minimum wage” primarily because the company imposed an unrealistically high production quota on them.

Doesn’t everyone deserve at least minimum wage for doing a job ?

I’m not looking for anything Tim, just a consideration as to why their t-shirts are so cheap and look forward to using huel powder for a long term to come :slight_smile:

Really interesting to hear your thoughts on the credentials that Gildan report. As I said, we just like the quality of the t-shirt and could happily change if there was a similarly good option for a similar price but with better credentials. There is something on the horizon regarding t-shirts you’ll be pleased to know, but it’s still a few months off yet.

Out of interest, and to continue this interesting discussion, what sort of certification would you want to see from a clothing manufacturer? I completely agree that everyone should be paid at least minimum wage. You seem to know a fair amount about this so I’d be interested to hear your thoughts!

Not an expert by any means, but SA8000, Fair Trade, Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production (WRAP) and BlueSign (Burton, Puma and Wilson are all on this)are all reportedly good.

The couple of Huel t-shirts I have are probably some of the best fitting t-shirts I’ve got. And they seem to be pretty hard wearing too. I wouldn’t hesitate buying some identical quality plain ones from Gildan when I need some new ones next.

The medium is definitely more like a UK small.

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