Huel v2.1 t-shirts

Gotta say they look great with the larger logo. Anyone else agree/disagree?


Personally I don’t fancy having a massive shiny logo blazoned across my breasts.
It would look distorted and ridiculous on me.

I prefer the small off-centre logo of v2

I do like the dark grey logo on black shirt as opposed to white on black (although I like white on black too).

I really dislike the grey shirt (v2/v2.1) - the colour is awful and more khaki than grey. I prefer the pale grey of v1


You need one which says “stop staring at my tits” in a big shiny logo.


For me the same. Big chest-wide logos are a big no-no.


Agreed on that. Never been a fan of the brands that have huge logos. Ralph Lauren I’m looking at you.

Now, something like

this would do for a very nice t-shirt.


Damn, its horrible

And I wear Huel shirts a lot. But that is horrible. It only lacks the lid on the back.

Is that for real?

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Oh dear, looks like I am in a minority thus far. I actually do like it.

Now, slogan t-shirts are making a resurgence at the moment, so the idea that @Latestfuels has is also a good one, although it reminds me a bit of the helvetica ampersand t-shirts, of which there are many different iterations:


Here ya go

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I like it. Problem is, the new version of ladies teeshirt looks to have the same neck as the mens’. I prefer a scooped neck myself.


Wtf? Is this on the webpage?

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Yep. Or there’s this:


I wouldn’t wear it and if it had come free with my Huel it would have gone straight to the charity shop.

I cant see it, mine is normal, send a link

here it is

Oh…I think you meant send a link for my spoof designs…I can design em for you as a bespoke edition.

I really like it…

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@ChristinaT Try mixing some cacao in you might like it better then…

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@Ian42 there’s only 4 colours I refuse to wear:
All shades of red
All shades of grey (especially cack khaki)
All shades of khaki (especially dog diarrhoea)
All shades of brown (even ones resulting from chocolate)


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@Ian42 that was a terrible attempt at creating a cacao coloured t-shirt with a cacao logo.
@hunzas please help him out