T-Shirts 4X or 5X

Hi, I know this is not an intellectual or content question but for me and perhaps other Huelers its an important question BECAUSE I WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO PROMOTE MY NEW FOOD REGIME with a T-SHIRT I CAN WEAR.

In my case I have a scoliosis of the spine which means all my tops need tho be over sized.

SO ANY CHANCE OF SAY A 5X European Size T-shirt… I’d pay for a couple!!!

I think Gildan t-shirts come in a size 5XL (?)
So it may be possible for you to get a v1 t-shirt in your size…
I don’t know if they are able to order you one especially.
I’ll tag @Tim_Huel for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much, would be nice to be able to wear one.

Cheers, John

worst case scenario…cut the label off a huel bag and stick it on the front of any old t-shirt - promotion done…and it will probably look better than the ugly new big logo version*

*that I actually really like even if no-one else does.

I do actually want to buy one of the new shirts just to see if it’s a amazing as Tim says it is. But I don’t want to be a free advertising billboard, so I could cut the logo off and send it to @jonny_three_dogs, and tape a bit of cardboard over the hole.

Thanks for the feedback, I can’t promise we would create a 5X, we have 2X and possibly could extend that. I think our first port of call is an XS female as the Small is too big for some.

I guess Huel tshirts would always have branding on. Julian has always said the t-shirts act as a way for our community to spread. However, are all the t-shirts you own blank? Any logo is a way to promote the brand. When people wear t-shirts with logos on, in part, it’s because they’re proud to be associated with that brand - I guess we hope that the same applies for Huel. However if it’s a policy you apply to all clothing then that makes sense.

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Hi, I have appealed for larger sized Tops because I’ve a scoliosis of the spine and all my top half clothing has to be able to accommodate that/me.
I can’t believe that I would be the only one who would want a larger size, I would be willing to pay.

I have just finished the survey that was posted a couple of days ago and I have suggested you put your mission statement on all your merchandise, get it in the public consciousness.

Anyway, thanks for the read, the Huel, and the hope.

John Milsom

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Don’t worry, Tim, I’m not being anti-Huel. None of my t-shirts have a logo, apart from my Huel shirt (it’s from 2016, is that version 1.0?) that I wear around the house sometimes. I can also wear it layered under a shirt, because the logo is off to the side. A 2.1 shirt under an open shirt or jacket would have the logo “ue” which is just rubbish!

Most of my t-shirts are plain or stripey, but I have a navy blue one with DISCO in white across the front. That does associate me with a brand, but only to other Star Trek fans. Anyone else would just think I like disco music, which I do, so it’s fine. I don’t wear it anymore because it’s too big for me now, so my chest is a logo-free zone!

The only thing I’ve struggled to buy without a logo is trainers. The choice seems to be between dirt-cheap ones that don’t last, or ultra-pricey boutique stuff. So my trainers do have a logo, but I would still never wear trainers with, like, NESQUIK on the sides.

Sorry for hijacking your topic, John. Do you actually have three dogs?

David, that did take us down a new road, or was it a winding country lane?
I wish I had the same ability to make those choices, what I end up with is a number of very large black or white t-shirts and wear the life and shape out of them.

Yes, I do have three dogs, an American Beagle; a Fox Hound cross Beagle; an a Puggle which is a Pug cross Beagle.

They are all mad but keep me in my 68th year laughing, happy, and a mile away from sane!

Cheers, jonny_three_dogs


I got a 2XL. It’s too small. :frowning: Motivation to lose the weight?