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I really like the black free huel shirt, I am wondering where I could buy a plain black (or any other color and/or full sleeve to) shirt like this?
The fit is extremely awesome, please help us out staff team! I’m sure others are super curios too

It’s been answered before. They are a bespoke design for Huel and not for sale as a plain black shirt alas.

I see. There MUST be something with a similar fit or something, can we know where that could be?

Would greatly appreciate it

the new Huel shirts are very nice too and have much less branding on than the free ones - a small sewn on patch on one sleeve and a little printed message on the bottom of the side seam - but plain to look at from the front and back

You used to be able to buy the free ones for £25 (I think), shame that’s gone away. I could do with another.

Ah, but I think the OP wanted an own branded one.

I agree they were good though. Better than the original Gildan ones that Huel used.

Hunzas is right - they were bespoke for us and we treated it much like our food line and don’t disclose our manufacturing details. Really glad you like it though! I personally haven’t come across anything similar but hopefully someone else has and can help out.

There’s something you don’t see everyday.


I agree the free Huel shirt is one of the best fitting t-shirts I’ve ever owned.


Sorry for delay wading in. As has been said, these aren’t off-the-shelf t-shirts which you could order blanks of. However, prior to the current free t-shirt (v2.0) we used a Gildan Premium (v1.0). We also really like the Boss Orange t-shirts when we designed the v2.0 t-shirt.

:heart: Well that is great to hear! Thank you!

Indeed, it’s one of my favourite shirts, so comfy too! I would love to be able to buy another one.

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