Huel sponsor me pls?

hello all

i wrote a topic a while back about using huel as my sole food source when i was training for and when i did a 60-mile bike ride from london to brighton. during training, my cycling buddies were not particularly impressed with my choice of sustenance; long distance cyclists tend to use these horrible liquid sugar packets that you squirt into your mouth, and then throw into the road…

anyway, the huel worked really well for me and my friends were impressed. following that, some of them have started it themselves.

i was basically wondering whether or not huel would consider sponsoring me, or anyone doing an athletic event. i think huel is definitely a great alternative to all the sugary stuff that people traditionally use, and a great way to showcase that is by “athletes” like me using it in action.

anyone else have any thoughts on this?

oh btw, im interested in they also do team entries, so if there was a huel team all paid up, all chugging huel the whole way, all wearing the huel swag, i’d be well interested in that


I think this is a good idea.

which part? i mentioned the team as an afterthought but actually i would really like that, also a nice opportunity to meet other huelers and cyclists!

About Huel sponsoring sporting teams at events. I know it’s easier said than done but it would be a good marketing route for Huel.

What exactly do you expect from a huel sponsorship

in terms of charity bike rides, sponsorship is generally a prerequisite of being able to enter.

for example, for this bike ride im looking at, you need to raise £400 for one of the specified charities

a contribution towards this, and possibly some swag to wear, would make the reality of me being able to go more likely, where i can impress fellow riders with my 100% huel-powered cycling abilities


You could wear clothes made from recycled (no pun intended) Huel packs…would highlight the low waste packaging too. :slight_smile:

I expect archimedes will be able get you sponsorship from his favourite brand…

Hackathons and other technical-university activities would also be a prime target for sponsorship.

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You would think an old person like yourself, who has been on earth so long would have a slightly more advanced wit than you have attained

You should work on that

Chill out hombre.

I think Huel sponsoring people is a great idea to get the brand out there. I use Huel as fuel for a sport; if I had known how good Huel was I would of switched over to it as fuel a long time ago.

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I think Huel do sponsor a few bodybuilders but these guys have social media followers in the 1000 ’ s and guessing it’s mainly free Huel and clothing

Thanks for the support…do you wanna sponsor my stand-up tour?

I couldn’t even sponsor my own stand up tour.