Huel for cycling - london to brighton!

Hi there!

Just wanted to mention: I read the thread about the ultra marathon runner who used, or was considering using, Huel as their food source.

Feeling encouraged by this, I participated in the London to Brighton cycle ride with my backpack full of Huel powder, water, and my shaker.

I consumed 3 bottles of Huel (3 level scoops made up to 700ml with water) over the course of 6 hours, and had no energy issues. Many cyclists along the way use short-acting energy sources such as sugary snacks and those god-awful isotonic sachets; I stuck with 100% Huel and had no problems, and even tackled the Beacon!

So, just a note of my experience for anyone else wanting to do the same :slight_smile:


Very cool. Did you eat Huel regularly before this ride? If so, for how long and about what percentage of all your food intake came from it?

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Great achievement, thank you for letting us know. I’m a massive believer that Huel is better than anything an ‘energy drink’ can offer. Do you have any idea how many calories you used doing the cycle? 9 scoops of Huel is about 1400kcal.

Congratulations and thanks for taking Huel along with you.

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Thanks guys. I do eat Huel fairly regularly on weekdays (3-4 meals) but eat whatever on the weekend.

The ride was on Sunday, so I ate random stuff on Saturday (Thai!) but just the 3 Huel meals on the day. Allegedly I burned about 6000 calories during the event, but no idea how to verify this :stuck_out_tongue:


Great stuff - good to hear you got on well.

It will probably be more like 3500 calories. If it was a good steady pace it will be around 700 cals per hour extra assuming it was 60 miles which is around 4 hours.