Sponsorship maybe?


I was wondering if anyone knew if Huel do any sponsorship’s. I cycle about 10 hours a day 6-7 days a week for the past 2-3 years and really the biggest problem for me is after a few hours im starving, with Huel I can go on and on.

Thanks heaps.


Huel sponsored me in the London fartathon. I just asked the Huel founder to chuck a few bags my way and when he did I parped around Hyde park for a week wearing nothing but an empty Huel bag on my head.

You just need to come up with a unique angle I believe, anyone can ride a bike.


Not the infamous Huel underpants?


Thanks. I wanna do something big and amazing like cycle around the UK, I mean fully around the island or cycle from the south coast to Scotland. Or if they could put me in competitions I would win. I just see people doing things I’d consider easy yet I’m never given any opportunity to do it. I tried joining a cycle club but its just snobs on expensive bikes and I don’t fit in.

I am an athlete, mentally I mean eager for a challenge and I’d rather black out and wake up in hospital than stop (which has happened a few times). Oh sorry forgot to mention Huel helped me get like this and I’m much more stronger now, legs are as big if not bigger than the pro’s and I do get that weird vein thing in my legs if I cycle hard for over 10 hours. I think I have unlimited stamina

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Is that a typo? Even Professional cyclists don’t train that much. Also I have no idea if huel do sponsorship but your unlikely to get sponsorship from any company if your unproven in terms of competitions. Your best bet is to try to give the cycling club another go (even if they are pretentious arseholes) because they’ll probably have knowledge on how enter competitions and the best route to going pro.

Loving the enthusiasm though, save some that energy for race.

Few people are given opportunities, just get out there and do something. If you want to cycle around the country then take a couple weeks holiday off work, load up and go. Track your progress on social media and build and audience for bigger adventures and in time, when you’re known, you’ll be in a better position to approach companies.

Check out the https://sayyesmore.com/ on facebook, loads of people just come up with mad ideas and do it with no backing. If you wait for permission/backing, one day you’ll wake up 40 and wonder where the years went.


Nope not a typo, for the past 3 years its been non stop cycling most days its over 10 hours. I will be truthful and I work for Deliveroo cycle food courier but its more than that now. The cycle club I went to all laughed at me because I work for Deliveroo then I thrashed everyone of them so they told me I was reckless going that fast, after that they wouldn’t even speak to me. Sorry its a lil depressing for me but they literally bullied me out even saying that I must be on drugs and they call me a liar because I said to them how much I work for Deliveroo. At times I think I am the best sorry I know that sounds insanely big headed but okay long story short I overtake cars, I see the look on peoples faces and it makes me laugh they are genuinely shocked when I go past, I see people in their bondage suits (whatever you call them) and their £1000+ bikes and I gotta say I feel intimidated by their muscle then its like go? Please go WTF?? seriously WTF! psst okay you had your chance and I feel sorry for them especially how I humiliate them but I got a job to do. Then I feel I’m a tw@t who the hell do I think I am seriously like I have a chance, if I am like this then they must at least be 100x better than me. It goes back and fourth but I don’t have the guts especially after what every cycle person said at the club. I been thinking this for ages now so I push myself harder and harder thinking I need to train better I can do it but theres no more hours in a day.

Ahh sorry had a few drinks now just my body is screaming stop but my mind in raging to go but I have to not cycle because I might be tired tomorrow if I spend the night cycling. I have worked for 63 hours in a row with Deliveroo and Ubereats lol that put me in hospital.

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The people at your cycling club sound like pricks I can see why you left. I agree with @Tristan just go for it and build up support that way, if your as good as you say you are you’ll get attention.
And yes it’s a little big headed the way you talk about yourself but whatever, it’s good to see your confident in yourself.
Good luck

There’s loads of different clubs. Don’t go back to the same one - they sound like nobs and not at all welcoming.
Try some different clubs.
Or just enter competitions solo.
I run and enter 10k, half marathons etc - pay the fee. Never ran in a club in my life.
Same with mountain biking - I ride with other people for the social aspect or fun, but don’t need a club to enter a race or competition or challenge myself to ride every mountain etc.

I’d say, pick a competition or race that you fancy and just enter!
Or like @Tristan suggests - just pack up and cycle round the UK !
Start a blog or instagram your journey so people can follow you, if you want recognition / encouragement. Or if you want to do it for the personal challenge and enjoyment then don’t bother with any of that, just go have an awesome time :slight_smile:

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I agree with @Tristan - I think it has to start with you, rather than expecting Huel to just take a chance on someone who has posted on the forum. I would do the following:

  1. Pick a challenge and make a training plan, set your goal.
  2. Get Strava, log all your training sessions, and set up a challenge blog/twitter where you can talk about each session. Make this a regular thing.
  3. Use relevant hashtags and share on relevant forums, and take lots of photos and videos - get people following you and engaging with the process and with you. Reply in the comments. Think of how you can put your own spin on it, and make your followers feel like they’re your friends, and that they’re invested in the process too.
  4. Once you have a good base of followers and interaction, then perhaps approach Huel.

Essentially, I’m thinking something like Ben Parkes’ Youtube page.

Ultimately, you’ve got to show why you’d be a valuable brand ambassador for Huel. At the moment if all you have going for you is that you overtake cars, to be honest, you’d probably just annoy the motorists and give them negative feelings about the product.

Good luck.


It’s not all about racing. It’s about enjoying a relaxing time out on the bike. You need to chill your beans.