1 month to go

Hey there, I’ve been an occasional Huel user, but never committed to it. However, I’m a vegan with a pretty poor diet and I’ve got one month to get ready for a race in which I’ll be running up to 22 miles, in three sessions, as a part of a team doing a total of 170 miles. Training has not been good and I only have a month to get up to speed.

I weigh about 12st which leaves me a bit chubby around the middle but nothing too excessive. My goal isn’t weight loss though, it’s more about fuelling myself correctly for some pretty intense training coming up over the next 4 weeks. I’m terrible for snacking on the wrong sorts of foods (protein bars, ginger nuts, oreos, nuts, donuts…etc) so I’m going to use the Huel/water to see me through the day until my evening meal.

I will try and log my progress here as my accountability, and hopefully provide some feedback for other Huelers. I would love feedback from others who have more experience or have done similar types of programmes.

I will be using a mix of HIIT, running and cycling and rest days, with the aim to be running 10 miles or so reasonably comfortably (if not quickly) by race day.

History tells me that I’m better at tackling shorter 30/60 day challenges rather than aiming for long term small changes in lifestyle although it all rubs off and hopefully leads to a better way of life.

Wish me luck!


Good luck!

I feel like I need a clean month. I’m 12 1/2 stone and feel like I could get a bit fitter. For the past year I’ve replaced all my weekday lunches with Huel and most breakfasts. I might switch to Huel for my evening meals for a while.

We threw a 4 year old birthday party on Saturday and for the rest of the weekend, I’ve been bloating on party leftovers. Cup cakes, ice cream, crisps etc

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I know what you mean about kids parties - we had of tonight and it was crisps, cakes and chocolate as far as the eye could see.

Day 1. Good day today, breaking in easy with the huel and had it for lunch only. New delivery arrives tomorrow then i can ramp it up. Other food included porridge for breakfast, a couple of pieces of fruit and some veggie mix for snacks during the day and a veggie burger for tea. All in all about 2500 calories for the day which is about right. Cycled home from work 10 miles at a decent pace (for me) for a 38 minute workout. Lack of crappy foods during the day and no noticeable afternoon slump which is good but it’s only day 1 so we’ll see how it goes from here.

Day 2

I overslept this morning. I never oversleep, something to do with change in diet? Cycled to work and felt ok after my first clean day of eating. Porridge, raw veg, hummus, Trek protein bar and coffee were consumed throughout the day. Huel didn’t arrive until this afternoon so i had a shake for tea. No afternoon slump but got a bit tired around tea time. Feeling pretty good about what I’m eating although probably a bit short on calories today.

Doubling the huel tomorrow to two shakes (3 scoops).

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Days 3&4

Now up to 2 huels a day and doubled up to 20 miles cycling as a result of not having access to a car as its in the garage so took it as an opportunity! Energy levels seem good although I did get tired last night and went to bed early - but thats not uncommon for me. I find I’m struggling to fit all my food in to get to 2500 cals as I’m not hungry after my first shake about mid morning.

No noticable side effects apart from a dry mouth which I’ve had before with Huel. Is this a thing or is it just me?