Your chance to be part of a Huel movie!

We have been in the process of creating a new video to be featured on our website. The video is going to be very much consumer based and will focus on your experiences with Huel; we feel it is far better to find out how to use Huel from our very own Huelers rather than ourselves.

We want to put together a shortlist of 20 people, so if you are interested in being part of a professionally produced explainer video with Huel then get in contact!

The best applications will be simple videos about yourself and your use of Huel, but a simple email with these details in sent to myself - - will be considered too. In your email just write a paragraph of approximately 100 words about who you are, why you use Huel and your honest opinion about Huel.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


Sounds great, I’m definitely game!

I’m on a 11 day 100% stretch in an effort to get a little fitter in time for my surfing trip to Portugal in just under 2 weeks. Not a single calorie should be passing my lips that isn’t coming from Huel, not even milk in my coffee. 1900cal a day, 6 shakes.

I cooked the other half a beautiful pave rump steak last night, with stir fried green beans in garlic and a tiny bit of butter, served it up and sat there watching drinking my Huel. It was quite tempting to steal a taste, but I’m stubborn when I’m on a mission!

I’m currently about 48 hours since my last meal. I had masses of energy in the gym yesterday - although my heart rate seemed to by in the 90% range for much more of the time. It’s hard/impossible to know if this was because I was pushing myself more due to my energy levels or not. My resting heart rate doesn’t seem to have changed, so I’m not that worried.

I’m a big collector of data, measuring weight/body fat twice a day, and resting heart rate throughout the whole day. Hopefully I’ll have something interesting to conclude.

I’ve previously done an 8-week ‘Clean Eating Challenge’ [1] that went surprisingly well, which later in the year I intend to compare to a similar Huel challenge. I’ve also done a 7-day Soylent Life (before I switched to Huel) challenge directly after the Clean Eating Challenge [2] (writing this I’ve noticed it was exactly a year ago since I finished the Clean Eating Challenge… time flies…)

Once I finish my 11 day stretch I’ll write it up, and I’ll see about putting together a video!


This sounds fun! I’ve emailed you Tim :slight_smile:

Great thank you guys! I am in the process of collating all the applications and will work with our film producer who may be in contact once we have looked at everyone! Thank you again for getting back to me.

Anyone else fancy being in a movie?

I’m a tanker driver and start my shift at 3pm. I get up from bed at 10 am . Was never able to decide whether to have breakfast or lunch. I have 3 scoops of huel. I take 3 scoops mixed up and take sips through the afternoon up until around 8pm then without rinsing shaker I prepare another 3 scoops measured in a food tub. This will see me through to the end of my shift around 2 am. This routine is working for me for my 4 days at work. I feel great and don’t have any urges for a burger when I drive past those highly illuminated fast food outlets. Happy to take part in any productions have previous tv experience (animal planet and ch 4 , ch 5 ) unfortunately never made it to Hollywood!

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Great stuff, thank you for that. I have added you to the list!

I’m enjoying my Huel experience, and have been considering having some 100% Huel days/weeks. It’s much easier than cooking for myself, and frees up time for so much more. Not that I don’t enjoy cooking, just that I can’t be bothered when it is just me. This makes sure I don’t neglect myself.

I’ll have a think about the video. Not sure that a fat middle aged woman with crazy hair would be your best promotional tool, but I can say that since I’ve started on Huel I’ve lost half a stone (despite having been in Dublin and eating like a horse for St Patrick’s Day when sensible eating went out the window.) More excitingly for me, I’ve had much more energy and been able to start running again (if slowly.)

But still. Fat and in her forties. …

Thank you for the response @mgran!

I think that honesty and passion are the best marketing tools we could have, so your opinion is invaluable to us.

If you want then I can consider you for the Huel movie, I completely understand if you actually didn’t want to but rather were just giving us some great information about yourself! Thank you either way and let me know if you would like to be considered!

Thank you!

I think maybe I wouldn’t mind being in the movie, because this is a product I believe in. I will see if I can send you a little video and see what you think.