I made a video about Huel

Hey guys!

I recently started a YouTube channel that’s primarily focused around business and self improvement topics, so a Huel review may seem slightly out of place…

However, whilst I realise many here seem to be primarily using it for weight/diet reasons,personally I like it as it’s pretty great for anyone with a hectic schedule or those wanting to get the nutrients they need when they’re in a rush.

Here’s a short video I made on the subject, that will hopefully convince a few of the currently-uninitiated to give it a try (or at least delve a little further down the Huel rabbit hole):


(PS. Great to see Huel has such an active community!)


Great video! That’s the reason I wanted to try this my self, now I can just show ppl asking me why… your video :grin::+1:t3:

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You’ve got it pretty much bang on John. Most people have Huel for those exact reasons, they’re in a rush or on the go and choose Huel over a meal deal.

Thanks for the video, it’s one of the better ones I have seen!

You really nailed the reasons for introducing Huel to your diet and answered all of the criticisms of powdered food very concisely. I’ll be sharing this video when people call me a nutter in the future

Great video - well described :slight_smile:

Nice. Love the enthusiasm…