My Huel Video Diary - Day 2

I’m doing a video diary of my Huel progress. Today is Day 2 (and my first video).

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Click here for the video.


Thanks for sharing Rob! Am about 10 days or so in & have 2 stone to shift-am having 2 Huel meals and a healthy evening meal a day with fruit/nut snacks as needed sometime go popped popcorn in the evenings for snsck-find that’s great after an evening swim when I get in & am peckish - I have lost more then planned so far-1kilo gone! I find it really filling & keeps me going. I haven’t had day stomach issues but am vegan so maybe my tummy is used to the ingredients already?
Keep up the good work & will watch your progress with interest!

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Thanks Shellfish! I do love nuts and raisins, though I hear grapes might be better as you tend to eat fewer so there’s less sugar.

Great to hear you’re doing so well on Huel. I’m sure you’ll get that 2 stone target.

I love that Huel has this great community of supportive individuals. Cheers!

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Hey thanks for sharing the video.

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Great stuff, Rob! Thanks for making the video and hope you continue to feel great with Huel after using it for longer. If you have any questions at all the let us know!