Day 2.0

So yesterday was a good day up untill dinner, had my girl with lots of berries mixed in, made it tastier but 2-3hours after started getting hungry.

So this to me must be normal due to before I was having snacks after dinner (I know naughty me). But positive effects were I was still full of energy afterwards, woke up this morning around 5am to have my breakfast l, mixed with unsweetened almond milk this time and wow that was delish! Packed my oranges for my snacks for the day up untill lunch, then gonna have plain huel!!


So pleased you’re loving your Huel! Roll on the next few days, we knew you would love it!

The boost in energy is the best bit I think :grinning:


Hahaha hell yeah it is!

So because my body wasn’t ready for me replacing all my meals straight away with huel, I’ve now decided only to do breakfast and lunch untill my body is ok with it. But I love Huel, now I need to convince my wife :joy:

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