Day 2

So yesterday I tried huel for the first time and I read the instructions carefully to make sure I was doing everything correctly. When i first opened it, the smell was actually pretty nice. I was worried that it would have a vegetable taste because I can’t stand veg at all but it was really nice. Like eating porridge. The first time I managed to get loads of lumps and it got stuck in my throat and caused me to cough but ever since I’ve managed to get the lumps out by immediately shaking instead of stirring the mixture first. I also add 3 ice cubes because I think it tastes great cold. I bought 10 flavour boosts and personally I can’t even taste them in the drink so I think I might just stick to the powder on its own. This is my 4th huel and on day one I kinda got a bit bored of the taste so I had fish and chips for tea but on day 2 it’s totally the opposite, I don’t even crave takeaways or solid food. I want to go 100% huel because my kitchen gets a mess when cooking and I can’t keep on top of it and also because I have a binge eating disorder and want to restrict my calorie intake and be healthier. I also found that cleaning the bottle and shaker afterwards is the easiest thing ever, I only need to rinse it and it comes right off! I did have some pungent farts and an interesting bowel movement but not sure if that was the fish and chips. Overall i’m quite happy. The resealable bag can be a bit annoying to close so the only thing I can recommend is having a little plastic zip inside that makes it 10x faster to reseal. The taste is great and at the moment I feel like I have more energy! One thing I’d like to point out and i’m not sure if it’s just me, but I don’t really find it filling. I’ve had binge eating disorder for 10 years so I’m probably used to eating a lot of food but I know I could probably drink about 3 bottles full in 1 meal. It’s probably a good thing because it means that I can trust your serving suggestions and not my own judgement.

thanks for creating this!

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Thanks so much for the feedback, really interesting hearing about your experience, I’ll fire back some tips and thoughts:

Definitely don’t stir Huel first. Make sure you look at the instruction booklet we sent and keep the plastic mesh/grill in as this will prevent you consuming any pesky lumps that could remain after using the technique below.

Are you using Vanilla or Unflavoured? The Flavour Boosts work best with Vanilla.

Make sure you ease yourself in if you do this. We don’t intend for people to use Huel 100% but some do, there is plenty of info here about this if you need it. Just use the search bar!

If it was Huel then this will settle down after a short time, it’s different for everyone, but Huel presents a fairly new source of nutrition so your bowel can make have a protest at first - this is perfectly normal.

How many scoops/grams are you having in each meal? Most find Huel extremely filling so I’m surprised by this. You may just not be eating a comparative amount of calories compared to before.

Hope this helps!