Huel.... so far

So here I am on what is day 4 of Huel (not day 1 because I’m disorganised and forgot to make this topic at that point) I am using Huel as a means of saving money by stopping me from buying crap for lunch.

I bought one bag of v2.3 vanilla and one bag of the plain stuff to which I treated myself to mint chocolate flavour boost.

So far I have been following the 3 scoops, 400ml water plus ice cubes “recipe” provided in the welcome book and have only been using the vanilla flavour.

Thoughts so far…
Day one: kept in fridge at work, made the night before. Result: surprisingly nice taste but took me 20mins at least to drink it as I wasn’t getting on with the texture all that well. Also felt slightly sick after :neutral_face:
Day 2: same preparation but this time was able to cope with the texture - felt really full after (no sickness) didn’t feel like eating dinner which really surprised me. Ended up eating one slice of toast. Minor stomach pains combined with loud rumbling.
Day 3: forgot to make the night before, doubled the amount of ice and discovered on drinking it that you should not forget to do it the night before as the result is something slightly lumpy (lesson learned) stomach pains continue and now have a slightly more graphic side effect. :neutral_face:
Day 4: by 11am I’m starting to feel really hungry and looking forward to actually drinking my Huel ( a break though I never thought I’d reach) side effects are currently continuing.

Going to stick with it as despite current side effects I “feel” healthier (not sure if that’s just in my head) next steps - figure out a recipe balance for the mint chocolate in the unflavoured Huel. Figure out how to drink my Huel without being poked in the face by the annoying lid cap thingy on the bottle

so watch this space…

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What do you mean with that you feel healthier?

Could you explain that?

Sure - more energetic and more awake, typically I skip breakfast and just have lunch (anything I could buy in the cafe) which used to see me lethargic by early to mid afternoon (I work on my feet all day so that wasn’t good)
Really from day 3 onward I started to notice I felt more alert and energetic in the afternoons which is really helping me at work and making me feel more positive - kinda hard to explain but overall just feeling better

Mmm good to know.

Which kind of lunch and dinner did you use to have?

Are you going 100% Huel?

Lunch could be anything ranging from pasties to cake to chips, crisps etc which as you can imagine when bought daily was also getting expensive.

I’m not going to go 100% so dinner will always be my main meal although lately I’ve found myself needing smaller portions.

I’ve also vowed (as part of my reason for using Huel is saving money) that I wouldn’t buy additional snacks for lunch so with just Huel for lunch and whatever I like for dinner I guess I’m at 50%

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I substitute HUEL for my usual lunch too.

I say usual Lunch. My usual lunch would consist of anything. Meal for £3 at Tesco. Mixed of something found in the fridge at home. I had no organisation where lunch was concerned.
No I have one less worry in my life :sunglasses:

Update: day 5

Back on the prepared the night before Huel. Much smoother and therefore quicker to drink which was useful at a very busy day at work :slight_smile:

Good news though: stomach cramps have gone, other less pleasant side effects continue - any longer and U.N weapons inspectors maybe called :flushed:

Thinking of starting a “brutal breakfast” consisting of U&U with nothing else as a small 200ml start to the day and to see if I can cope with the taste! Maybe that’s for next Monday - I will keep you updated

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So now on day… I’ve lost track to be honest!

Happy to report that on the most part any side effects have gone :blush:
Definitely need to drink more water when having Huel but that’s better for me anyway so I’m happy!
Today I had Huel for breakfast instead of lunch as I was day off from work and I’ve now vowed that one of my meals everyday will be replaced with Huel- my other half thinks I’m mad but hey ho!


By now you’ve already figured this out but twist your bottle 90 degrees to either the left or the right. This comes from an experienced Hueler who has had Huel in her face many times until I’ve read this in someone else’s post :joy::joy::joy: