Emma's Huel Diary

First day on Huel. X2 lots of 4 scoops daily (breakfast and lunch). It’s a hefty dosage, but the nature of my job, 4 days a week, decrees I have to have 3 set meals. On days off, I will probs spread it out more.

So, my parcel arrived yesterday, 4 bags of vanilla. Last night I made up 2 flasks in a food mixer. 4 scoops each to 400 ml water. 1 with mocha flavour and 1 with matcha flavour. Fridge overnight.

Mocha for breakfast. Loosened up with extra ice cold water from water filter at work and have it a shake. Very tasty. Very oaty. I can see why some people in the forums liken it to cold oatmeal… luckily, I have no problem with that! It is delicious. Really creamy. Drank it over 45 minutes, plus a cup of coffee (07.45-08.30). A lot of interest from my colleagues.

10.00: Started burping a little.
11.00: Massive sweats, felt really hot. Drank 500 ml water. Felt better.
12.00 midday: Sent for lunch, no choice. Not hungry, but did same as with breakfast shake and added 200 ml water to loosen it up. Not much taste difference in the vanilla with the matcha flavour. Still, tastes good to me! Some colleagues had a taste. Lots of interest. They will see how I am after a month before they consider trying it themselves. Managed half over 45 mins lunch break, as just not hungry. Will probably drink the rest after the afternoon operating list that I am scrubbing for. Will be drinking from a water bottle inbetween cases.

So far, so good!



14.30: Absolutely Hank Marvin, so drank remainder of lunchtime Huel. Didn’t drink anymore water because at this time my urine was actually clear and having had 2.5 L over 6.5 hours didn’t want to over hydrate myself.

16:00 Had to drink some more because I felt parched. Just a small cup.

On and off reflux throughout the afternoon AND a bit trumpy/belchy. I had a peppermint tea, but I am assuming this is just my body getting acquainted with the change to mainly liquid. I also feel shattered, more so than usual.

Looking forward to my grilled chicken salad tonight and experimenting with 2 different Huel recipes for tomorrow.

Hi there! I started yesterday too and, like you, enjoy the flavour/texture…just plain though, not vanilla. Mixed two scoops in my smoothie blender with 6 prunes for breakfast this morning, taken over time, with coffee and felt really full all morning. Packed two and a half scoops for lunch blended with four tsp cocao and a banana…delish but v filling. For dinner because I was working late I’d mixed three scoops with 2 tsp Marigold veggie stock. Drank loads of water as it does make you feel thirsty.

I think this is going to be something I can stick to as I feel full and not having any cravings. The only downside are very many trips to the loo and yes, a bit windy!

Good luck with your journey, Emma. I look forward to hearing how you are doing.

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Mmmmm your recipes sound lovely @selkiesfriend . If I survive the month, I am going to get the plain Huel. I was thinking of using prune juice as a fluid base. I’m already trying to tone down the vanilla taste for day 2. Tomorrow morning is a 4 scoop coffee with cacao powder and Good Hemp liquid, then for lunch the Huel YouTube recipe of 1 pear, one portion frozen spinach, half an avocado, coconut water instead of tap and 3 scoops vanilla.

I love Marigold. Does the Huel mix ok with the hot stock water?

Good luck to you too! Think I’m going to be tinkering around with the serving sizes this first week.

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The Huel seems to mix well with the stock and it was nice to have a savoury flavour for a change…especially dinner. I’ve never tried Hemp liquid before. What are the benefits, could you elaborate?

Someone else on another thread mentioned mixing Matcha Green Tea and Raspberry Ketone both to help boost the metabolism. I did a little research and bought C8 MCT Oil instead as apparently it’s the only MCT that increases blood ketones effectively. I haven’t put either the Matcha or MCT into my Huel yet but instead have been drinking cold matcha with some lemon juice squeezed into it and I’ve started taking the MCT oil in my morning coffee. I’m trying to get back into all my size 12 clothes as I’ve expanded to a size 14 over the past year and not feeling very comfortable with myself. Keeping my fingers crossed this works for me as well as it has for everyone else here.

The recommended 3 scoop servings for each meal would be too much for me. Two is enough in the morning really as it does make me full, 2.5 for lunch and 3 for dinner. I don’t plan on cutting out my evening meal every day but it’s going to be convenient when I have to work late. X

It’s called Good Hemp. Unsweetened. Braham & Murray. 1l is £1 in Waitrose. You find it with the dairy free ‘milk’. It is very tasty. Tried to upload a photo but unsure if it worked.


Day 2

Slept so well last night. A full 8 hours! I usually average 6. This could be coincidence.
Had first number 2 this morning since yesterday morning. This was a pleasant relief as, with the IBS, it is normal for me to go up to 4 times a day. Textbook normal number 2, yay!

Made up last night in the food processor and refrigerated:

Breakfast: Good Hemp (400ml) + 4 scoops vanilla Huel + half a Huel scoop of Terrafertil organic cacao powder + 2 shots of espresso (no sugar).
At 8.30, in work, I added 200ml ice cold filtered water and gave it a good shake. This makes the perfect consistency for me. Drank over 45 minutes. Absolutely delicious.

Thirst not as bad as first day. Managed 500ml water during morning, but I was busier than yesterday. No headaches. No dizziness.

Relieved for lunch at 13.15.

Lunch: 400ml coconut water + 3 scoops vanilla Huel + 1 pear + 1 frozen spinach ball + half an avocado.

As I wasn’t really hungry, I divided half of this into the Huel beaker from the morning and topped up with 200ml ice cold filtered water. Drank one beaker of this plus 500ml water. However, it was delicious. This recipe is a winner that will be repeated.

15:00 Farted! According to my colleague, who usually calls me 'Windy Corner’s because of IBS wind, it didn’t smell half as bad as usual! This is deffo a bonus! None of the usual ( post-lunch tummy gurgling and bloating.

Also went for a wee. Usually at this time the colour is darkish. Today it was perfect, straw colour and therefore I was adequately hydrated. Another bonus as I usually struggle to keep base level hydration!

16:00 Mad hot sweats whilst I was scrubbed for a case in an air con cold theatre. It was like my body was a furnace. It lasted about 20 minutes. Is this good metabolism kicking in?

17:00: Drank remaining beaker of lunchtime recipe with 200ml ice cold filtered water. One of the surgeons I was working with, who is super fit and triathlon training at the mo, tried some and thought it was delicious too…may be referring a friend soon!

18.00: Finished work. Not hungry. Feeling good. Usually ravenous by the time I finish work!

Drank 500ml water on bus home.

20:00 Ate a ‘light’ tuna niçoise salad just to eat, but I wasn’t actually ‘hungry’.

A bit farty tonight, but no bloating.

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I sometimes use it in my Huel, 50% that and 50% water…nice.

great post Emma.

The cacao? Or the coconut water, or Good Hemp? I’m unsure from your reply…

Sorry, I was actually replying to your Good Hemp post, though guess it’s not clear… :slight_smile:

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…although I have used cacao and coconut water as well.

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you can read my Huel blog below…bit of a surprise today…


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Well done Tony!

Eeeh, I dare not get on the scales until end of my first week.


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i’m not sure well done is in order ! not sure its healthy loosing weight that fast…but it will do for me LOL

DAY 3.

What a corker!

This evening I went for a Wetherspoon’s steak and chips dinner with a colleague. No sauce, a little salt. Grilled mushroom, tomato, peas. Pint of John Smith’s bitter shandy.
As this was a planned meal, I worked my breakfast and lunch Huel meals out accordingly to give a round-a-bout allowance of 1000 cals for the dinner.

Breakfast was a dirty chai made last night and refrigerated with 3 scoops vanilla Huel with 400 ml unsweetened soya milk + chai spices + double espresso shot.

Had this 08.30-09.15 topped up with 200ml filtered ice cold water.

10.30 Raging headache. Sipped 1l water between then and 12.30. The temperature in theatre had gone up to 25 degrees Celsius, which didn’t help my mood which up until today has been Tiggerish. Plus by 13.00 I was hangry and I didn’t get to go for lunch until 13.30 today. Definitely need the 4 scoops for breakfast on a work day.

Lunch: 400ml of remaining Good Hemp + 3 scoops Huel + 1 large Pink Lady apple + good dash cinnamon. Topped with 200 ml ice cold filtered water. Managed to drink it reasonably slowly along with 500 ml water. Went outside for my break to sit quietly in a sunny corner because I felt really grumpy

Went back to theatre to narky surgeons. Because the morning list had run over, the pm list started late. Comments like had I really needed to take my full break knowing we’d be late running, didn’t improve my mood. Aside: My ‘only’ break of unpaid 45 minutes in a 10 hour shift.

Headache continued and I got narkier. Everyone (except the patients) seemed to be jumping on the 'lets irritate Emma with stupidity train’s and at one point I had to walk out just to count to ten and deep breathe - not me at all…

My boss explained very logically that my brain, on day 3 of my Huel journey, had suddenly realised that I was ignoring the cake and biscuits in the staff room! She said my headaches were the result of quickly coming off processed added sugar, bad carbs and reduced caffeine intake ( I usually have 4 double coffees a day). Eureka! Now why hasn’t I thought of that through my lack of sugar induced red haze???!!! The brain is sly!

So, I figure that quitting sugar and caffeine could potentially be as bad as quitting smoking, BUT achievable. BRING IT ON! - But, hoping it will pass soon! Everytime the image of the doughnuts in the staff room popped into my head, I slurped water. What a saint! Evil maniacal giggling to fade. I will slay the devil whispering on my shoulder!

Dinner: Me oh my, the steak dinner was oh so delicious. The drinking of Huel slowly has had the positive effect of making me REALLY appreciate my evening meal. I am now eating effectively, as I should be, enjoying each forkful and chewing properly.

The headaches stopped when I had my shandy. I fed my brain with sugar.

Addition: No bloating but noticeable increased huffing of terrible smells that my boyfriend declared, as he was gipping, smelled like chicken shit. LMAO at this and how, temporarily, the tables have turned!


this is my blog, read my day 4 weight and my day 3 review…i also felt not good…


Hi Tony,

Having IBS, I am familiar with having to run to the loo. Since Huel, the loo sprints have substantially reduced, but the consistency of output is proportionate to the consistency of input if you think about logically. Liquid diet = liquid poops! Just make sure you are drinking enough to cover the outage and remain hydrated.

Please excuse my ability to talk so graphically and openly about bodily fluid outputs, I’m a Nurse. Your body gives you a lot of clues about its state. Most things can be logically explained in physiological processes.


Hi Emma, just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your posts, they really make me giggle and reach for Huel rather than the biscuit tin. Good luck for your weigh in :grinning:

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Hiya Colly,

Aw, thanks. I write as I would talk. Tbh, the full 1 stone weight gain in a year, that I am hoping to lose, has seriously given me weighing scales phobia :scream:! I think it is safer, for my psychological well-being and continued motivation, for me to just do a weekly weigh in. I’m dreading Tuesday as it is.

Many people on here do daily weigh ins and some with all sorts of added extras information, percentages etc. Personally, I couldn’t be doing with all the faff and microanalysis, I think it could make me quite paranoid/anxious. All I want is for the numbers on the scales to reduce, the cellulite to minimise (flipping found some on my tummy today) and to enjoy my Huel experience. :grinning:


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