Update 3.0

Morning Huelers,

7th day today since using Huel, I must say it’s been enjoyable. Originally I said I’d try it for X3 times a day but my god my body craved more, so I’ve stuck to morning and lunch then a hot meal for dinner (had to change the word normal to hot as I totally forgot Huel is actually normal food :rofl:).

Been trying to convince people at work to try Huel with all the health benefits it has and the cost benefits too, I’ve now got use to the taste my favourite so far is Almond milk with berries! It’s great!!

Also I really really really love how easy it is to clean my bottle out after! No nasty smell afterwards either!

That’s exactly what I do
Breakfast and lunch is Huel and a … errr hot meal in the evening (occasionally it’s 3 Huel meals without the hot one)

You will notice a difference … and not long afterwards your friends, work colleagues and family will notice !!
Keep it up :+1:

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Yeh I think I’ll do the twice a week 3 Huels, how are you doing with it so far?

I started with a gentle introduction to Huel in March … and built up (or should I say ‘slimmed down’) from then !

That’s mega! Really good news, I feel really good in myself too!