My Huel Experiment: Days 1-7

Hi everyone, this is my first post here.

I love that Huel has such an active community and that the Huel team are so responsive to feedback.

i received a really large volume of comments on Facebook when I shared that I’d be starting Huel. Half were intrigued, and half were outraged. “JUST STICK TO REAL FOOD”

In response to the intrigue, I’ve just today published an article about my first week with Huel. I’ve been replacing weekday lunches and some weekend meals, too:

Would love to know if this matches any of your first experiences.



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Quite similar to what I’ve found. Warm huel is so bad.

I haven’t tried blending it yet - might give it ago this week.

How long do you plan to keep going?

I would thoroughly recommend blending! Tastes at least twice, if not three times better.

I’m going to continue with Huel for lunch Monday to Thursday, typically blending it in the morning and keeping it in the fridge until lunch.

I may experiment with having it for dinner if I really want to save money, but I don’t think I’d enjoy getting home and not eating a proper meal. Purely psychological, but dinner tends to represent the end of the working day for me, and I’ve come to associate Huel with efficiency and speed during the working day.

+1 to blending. It’s completely changed my experience with Huel for the better! No lumps, smoother texture, easier to add flavours / other milks etc

Sounds good. Although surprised you feel so full on a couple of scoops?

I normally have 125 g in a shake of about 500 ml water and could easily drink two of those back to back for lunch.

Have you had any digestive issues yet? AKA wind, farts, gas, or guffs?

Hey James, great article. I will receive my first box tomorrow, so I cannot give any experienced tips yet, but from what I’ve read, it is a good idea to try to sip down your 700ml over the course of one or two hours, instead of trying to down the lot at once, to avoid situations like Day 5. Curious to what you think.