My Huel experience/ thoughts

It always seems that when people comment on here in regards to how much Huel they consume it’s less than me!? I know everyones needs are different but I’m just checking!

I replace Breakfast / Lunch with Huel and using the instructions mentioned have just under 4 scoops for both (141g Huel) in order to hopefully maintain weight.

I use Almond milk as I like the texture, quite creamy. Didn’t enjoy Huel with water. I tried using more/ less water to find the right consistency and was about to give up before trying Almond milk as someone else suggested.

Some days I find I still crave the odd snack but overall it’s filling and I’d definitely say I feel healthier in myself. I used to suffer with spot outbreaks and they have calmed down. This is week 3 of Huel!